ABC Kids Expo: A Bit O’ Britax


There’s not much new to report from Britax.  We already reported on the big news, the upcoming Britax Advocate CS.  Britax showed a number of these in various cover fashions, but unfortunately did not want us to take photos of them.  Even so, the new side impact cushions are among the best safety enhancements at the show, perhaps along with the anti-rebound foot on the First Years True Fit and the adjustable head restraint section on the Sunshine Kids Radian XT.  We hope to see the Advocate by early next year!  We’ve also reported on their other new product, the new Britax Boulevard CS.  The Frontier (also reviewed here) debuted earlier this year.  The common theme is the ongoing Britax focus on side impact protection.

We’ve been asked about a new Britax infant seat.  Unfortunately, we are not able to comment.  You can pretty much assume all manufacturers have something in development in every category.  For now, you can always see what tidbits turn up at  We hope to be able to provide some information by Lifesavers next year!

So, what’s left?  A few new patterns, including their Marathon Couture line in “Royale” and our favorite (obviously!), “Heather”:

The Boulevard CS patterns include “Lauren”, “Davenport”, “Berkshire Tan” and, of course…

Moo! (That’s all from Britax)


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