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Orbit Baby Infant Seat and Stroller Review–It’s a System!


The Orbit Baby Infant Seat (and the updated Orbit G3 system)  is a unique infant seat that’s less an individual seat than a system.  When you buy the infant seat you are also buying the stroller, starting you on the path toward stylish products with a green twist.  This is a rear-facing only child restraint for kids birth-22 lbs. who are less than 29” tall.

The Orbit Infant comes with an infant insert and harness strap covers.  The stroller comes with 2 built-in cup holders and a storage basket (called a Cargo Pod).

Surely You’re Not Tired of Hearing about the ABC Show Yet . . .


I hope not, because we have more, more, more!  Darren and I were there for 2 solid days and I was there for a third and trust me, there’s plenty to talk about–what’s new, what’s up and coming, how fun it was to ride the Las Vegas Monorail.  But seriously folks, on to the show.