Carseat recommendations


Take pity on me because Marvin is a tough act to follow ūüėȬ†¬†Seriously, ¬†that’s one¬† smart little fella and that¬†link¬†he posted was just priceless.¬†

Anyhow, the¬†previous blog post¬†“Who’s better?¬† Who’s best?”¬†got me thinking about the practice of recommending carseats.¬† The current standardized Child Passenger Safety training curriculum, as well as the previous curriculum,¬†strongly discourages¬†CPS Technicians from recommending specific seats.¬†¬†The curriculum¬†tells us that it’s okay to recommend specific features (like¬†a 5-pt harnesses, front harness adjuster, etc.) but that we should not recommend specific brands and seats.¬†¬†So why is it so common to see¬†CPS technicians and even instructors (both online and IRL) recommending specific seats to parents and caregivers?¬† Let’s examine the issue a little closer…

Random Thoughts at KIM


Today started with the child restraint manufacturers session.¬†¬† Mostly, we heard about revisions to existing products and manuals.¬† There really wasn’t much for new products.¬† ¬†At least one of these new products was just announced in a press release, so hopefully I can say more about it in this space very soon!¬†I suspect the new products I hoped to discuss will be on display at the ABC Kids Expo in September.¬†¬† Heather and I will be there as media attendees, so hopefully we will have much more interesting news and photos to share then!

In the mean time, I’ll discuss what the representative from Chicco USA¬†had to say about some of the most common issues they hear about on the customer service line.