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Ask Marvin #3


Today, Marvin, renowned expert on the safest child seats, tackles a tough question from an upset reader.  Marvin is very sympathetic to all of his fans, but sometimes Marvin must emphasize the cold, green truth when it comes to safety.

“Dear Marvin, my daughter, Julia, is 2.5 years old and weighs 33 pounds.  She’s currently rear-facing.  I went to Car-Seat.Org for advice on which combination harness/booster model to get her.  What I got instead was 42 responses in less than an hour, all blasting me for not keeping her rear-facing!  I was so upset I broke out in tears!  Am I really a child abuser if I don’t buy a new $200 convertible seat to keep her RF for another 2 pounds? – Signed, Stumped Sierra.”

Ask Marvin, Part Deux


Marvin is back by popular demand for another Monday edition!  Today, Marvin gives some sagely advice on how to deal with those pesky, unsafe used seats.

Dear Marvin, I found this absolutely dreadful carseat selling on Craigslist.  The fabric was, like, totally 90s, so I know it was expired.  Of course, I immediately sent an email to the seller informing them of how gross (and unsafe!) it was to sell something as hideous as that.  The seller emailed me back telling me to mind my own business!  How rude!  What can I do?  -Signed, Lost in Craigslist.”

Carseat recommendations


Take pity on me because Marvin is a tough act to follow 😉  Seriously,  that’s one  smart little fella and that link he posted was just priceless. 

Anyhow, the previous blog post “Who’s better?  Who’s best?” got me thinking about the practice of recommending carseats.  The current standardized Child Passenger Safety training curriculum, as well as the previous curriculum, strongly discourages CPS Technicians from recommending specific seats.  The curriculum tells us that it’s okay to recommend specific features (like a 5-pt harnesses, front harness adjuster, etc.) but that we should not recommend specific brands and seats.  So why is it so common to see CPS technicians and even instructors (both online and IRL) recommending specific seats to parents and caregivers?  Let’s examine the issue a little closer…

Ask Marvin


Thank you for all your emails asking for Marvin’s insight on the safest child seats.  A few of you doubted that Marvin has just as much expertise as a leading consumer magazine. So, today, Marvin would like to take a moment to share his expertise by answering some of your questions!