ABC Show Finale–The Great Picture Dump


Here are all the pictures you wanted to see!  And in no particular order for more fun, lol.  It’s a huge ABC Show family album, so just browse the pics and enjoy.  Be sure to hover your mouse over them before clicking to see any descriptive text.  There are some special surprises that weren’t talked about in our earlier entries–try to find them 🙂 .


Our timeline of carseats – can you name them all?


Now that DS1 is no longer using a booster seat, I got to thinking about all the different seats that he’s used over the years.  I’ve made a list of the main seats that he rode in, either in my vehicles or DH’s vehicles.   I didn’t bother to include the various spares that were always ready to be called into action at a moment’s notice if needed.  

The End of an Era


Wow, you’re a stay-at-home Dad?  What do you do with all that free time?  Watch soap operas?  Join the town sewing club?  Kick back with a Starbucks and read some books you bought at the CarseatBlog.Com Amazon affiliate link?  Watch the MLB day games?  Take a nap?  Sure!  I do all that.  You know, the bills, house, kids and stuff only take a few minutes of time every day.  Ripping out some blogs and laying the smack down on all the users who get reported every day at Car-Seat.Org only adds a few more minutes.  Being the coordinator of a local non-profit organization and doing child seat safety inspections on the side is nothing.  So what else is there to do when you’re not part of the neighborhood daytime social network?  You guessed it, the same thing more than 10 million other people do.

Incompatible Carseats and Vehicles


This week we welcome Debbie (Defrost) for Guest Wednesday.


No one wants to hear that their new carseat will not install correctly in their vehicle.  Carseat techs tremble at the very thought of having to tell a parent that the carseat they are so pleased with and proud of – that they found for such a great deal, and that matches their car interior perfectly! – simply will not install safely in their vehicle.  For many parents, it seems like a ridiculous concept – “Incompatible?  What, are they getting married?”