ABC Show: Day 1


How’s that for a catchy title?  Well, when you’ve walked a billion miles in circles in one day, creativity flies out the window.  Many thanks to the faithful on the east side of the country who have stayed up to catch the latest news (or who have insomnia and just need something to read, lol).

I’ll start with the Evenflo Symphony.  It’s a 3-in-1 seat, 5-100 lbs.


What happens in Vegas… (New Products from ABC Kids Expo)


A quick blog with photos of the upcoming Clek Oobr and Britax Advocate.  This should quell some anticipation before Heather or I can write more about the ABC Kids Expo!  Both of these should be available by the end of this year or in early 2009.  Not much else to report from the wine and cheese media reception for new products that Heather and I attended tonight.  Only the Oobr was on display; almost everything else was in other baby product categores.  We will hopefully have more to report tomorrow!  So, without further ado:

The Secrets of a Happy Marriage


The witty posts from Heather’ s DH, Matt, got me thinking about my own darling husband and our relationship.  My DH hates to write anything so he would never agree to write a blog entry but if you meet him in person I’m sure he’d be happy to lament, at length, about what it’s like living with me and my passions.  CPS is one of them but there are others too.  

Like Matt, my poor DH has had to endure the constant clutter of carseats strewn about the house.  I try to corral most of the ones that I’m not using at the moment in the big closet upstairs in DS1’s bedroom and all the training seats are stored elsewhere.  However, the seats that are “in transition” are sometimes hanging out temporarily in the dining room, or in the playroom, or DS2’s bedroom, or in the basement, or maybe in the shed, or maybe all of the above. 

You will notice that I didn’t say in the garage.  There is a reason that there aren’t any carseats in the garage.  Simply put, I (as well as my precious carseat collection) am banned from the garage. 

Safety Bug


When did the safety bug bite you?  I’m guessing you’re here reading the blog because somewhere along the line you became interested in seat belts or vehicle safety or your child’s safety.  But have you always been a safety-minded individual or did something happen to make you that way?