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A booster is a great way to tell your “big kid” that you love them!  Thanks to our Sponsor, Evenflo, Carseat Blog is giving away one Evenflo AMP Highback Booster in the Blue Angles pattern.

From Evenflo:

Most parents and drivers know babies and young children need a car seat to ride safely, but what about older children? Do you know what age limit is required for booster seats? Or that different U.S. states may have different safety laws? Starting January 1, a new Child Passenger Safety law in California will require all children to remain in booster seats until they are eight years old or at least 4’9” tall.  To know the laws in your state, visit Governors Highway Safety Association“.

Regardless of your state’s laws, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) actually recommends children remaining in booster seats up to age 12. Booster seats ensure that the belt fits properly and comfortably across a child’s shoulder and breastbone, and correctly positions the lap portion of the belt across the top of a child’s legs. Luckily, Evenflo has a wide range of booster seats ranging from harnessed to belt-positioning in high back and no-back to meet the needs and personalities of pre-school and school-aged children who may be reluctant about sitting in a booster seat. The new SecureKid 300 and 400 models, Big Kid High Back and Amp High and No-back seats blend fashion and function by embodying a child’s personal style and keeping them safe and secure in the vehicle.


How can you win?  Just leave a comment here at CarseatBlog to win an AMP booster from Evenflo!

A random winner will be selected on February 29th.  The prize will be shipped to a winner in the USA only, sorry!

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Buying and Selling Used Carseats: Craigslist (CL), Garage Sales, Online, Friends and Family


Everyone is looking for a deal. I love getting a good deal on things, though I’m terrible at finding deals. Terrible! But, sometimes you have your eye out and catch a good one. With carseats, how can you tell if it’s truly a deal or a dud?

We had a family come through a carseat checkup event that prompted me to think of this. They were the last car—as all techs know, the last car at an event is usually the one that takes the longest, lol. They were a lower income family of 3 children: a 40 lbs. 2 year old, a 20 lbs. 1 year old, and a 14 week old infant. Since they didn’t have much money, mom went to Craigslist to find carseats for her children. She found a backless Cosco booster for her 2 yr old and a Safety 1st combination seat (with a harness that converts to a booster) for her 1 yr old in used condition. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand that carseats can be recalled, missing pieces, or inappropriate for a particular child. A 2 yr old should NEVER go in a belt-positioning booster seat because they don’t have the maturity to sit properly. So while her backless booster choice was appropriate for a 4-5+ year old (and really, for backless boosters, we prefer much older kids in them because of the lack of side protection and for sleeping), it wasn’t good for her 2 year old. The combination seat is an appropriate choice again for an older child: a 1 yr old should still be rear-facing. The 1 yr old’s seat was under a recall and it was missing a top tether and labels. All things that made us gasp under our breaths. But mom and dad didn’t know any better and we were so glad that the family stopped by so we could help them. From what I’ve seen at our mandatory events—parents are pulled over, they don’t willfully come to an event—buying used carseats is commonplace.

Britax Accessories


As many of you know, Britax is releasing a number of accessories that will be considered compatible with their own child restraints, including a reversible soft-fleece/moisture-wick head and body insert for their infant and convertible seats.  Of the first to be released, I like the Sun Shades.  They are cling-on type shades that are ultra-light weight and pose no risk to occupants.  They’re a little nicer than some other cling-on shades in that they have a very thin frame that stretches them so they don’t “bubble”.  It also makes them easy to attach and remove as needed.   That can be a real hassle with some static cling shades, as they can be problematic if you want to roll down the window.  If you’ve ever lost one down in the window assembly, you know what I mean!

Britax Kick Mats, 2-pack

Britax Sun Shades, 2-pack

Britax Head and Body Support Pillow

Expect to see various accessory products bundled into value packs at brick and mortar retailers later this year.

Toyota’s Response to the Inflatable Seatbelt?


It’s the Toyota Omni direction protection seat!

I seem to recall this technology already exists in airplanes…