More info on Dorel’s new rear-facing recline range for convertibles


We broke the news on facebook & twitter this past Monday that Dorel has new labels for their convertible seats which will allow children who weigh more than 22 lbs and who can also sit upright unassissted to be more upright in the rear-facing position. The new labels have two “level to ground” lines and the bigger RF kids can be anywhere in between the two lines which are set at 45 degrees and 30 degrees (measured from vertical).   The new labels will start to showing up on Dorel convertible seats by next month so keep your eyes peeled for them!

We asked Dorel for clarification regarding which convertibles would and would not get the new sticker labels. This is the response we received:


By April of 2012, our goal is to have the new double level line on all of our convertible seats.  Most of the seats will be changed over before the end of the year, including the Alpha Elite 65 and Complete Air 65.  The only convertible that will not get the double line is the Maxi Cosi Pria 70.  Since that particular seat uses the Tiny Fit System and already provides an upright position of the main seat, it will not get the new double line treatment. 

We already knew that the new Cosco Apt (Scenera with intergrated cup holders – see Dorel ABC blog for pics) was going to have the dual level lines.  And apparently the Scenera will too – at least eventually.  Oh, happy day!  🙂


ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Britax


No new Britax CRs at this time but some new fashions for existing convertible seats. There were also some new accessory products including a wheeled travel bag for $69.99.  B-Safe infant seat has received a fix for falling recline foot issue and a smaller chest clip and there will be minor improvements to make the lockoff system more user friendly.

Britax infant seats. Check out our reviews of the Chaperone & B-Safe.


Britax Marathon 70. See our full review of the MA70 here.


Britax Boulevard 70 & Boulevard 70 CS. See our BV70 CS review here.


Britax Advocate 70. See our review of the Adv70 here.


Britax Roundabout 55. See our review of the RA55 here.


Britax Frontier 85 & Frontier 85 SICT. See our reviews of the FR85 and the FR85 SICT.

Britax Parkway SGL Booster. See our PWSGL review here.

New Britax Accessories:


ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Graco


Lots of great new and updated products coming soon from Graco!  They also had an awesome spread at their booth with a mac ‘n cheese bar, cookie bar, wine and ice cold beer!  Did I mention ice cold beer?  I decided it was 5 pm somewhere and had to have one (…or two).  Darren promtly followed my lead.  Then we asked the bartender to take our picture.  Heather was the designated blogger so she did the responsible thing and passed on the adult beverages. 😉    

In real news, there’s a change to the popular SnugRide 35 infant seat. A lower body insert cushion has been added and the seat now has a 4 lb minimum weight rating. The unique insert raises a smaller baby up to the lowest bottom harness slots and a portion of the insert goes under the crotch strap which really helps to position the buckle in a more appropriate position.  Heather tried her preemie doll in it (yes, she carries her own) and the fit was pretty darn good. We were impressed!  This new model will start shipping next month (October).   



Other Graco highlights:

New My Ride 65 featuring Safety Surround Side Impact Protection system , 4-40 lbs RF or by height using 1″ rule, 20-65 lbs FF or by height at 50″, adjustable head restraint designed with Safety Surround for infants-small toddlers (optional but if you remove it, you lose the enhanced SIP),  attaches through the harness slots when the child is shorter, Safety Surround is also built into the sides of the seat near the top of the shell for the taller kids, seat tested to draft Euro SI standards, available early November 2011 at BRU, $179



New Highback Turbo booster with Safety Surround
Also tested to draft Euro SI standards, $69, shipping 1st qtr 2012



New Fashions for Smart Seat All-in-One:  Jemma & Rosin now available thru Amazon.  See our full review of the Graco Smart Seat here!



New My Size 65 (Prototype model)
4-40 lbs RF, 20-65 lbs FF, adjustable 8 position headrest, no-rethread harness, 17.5″ top harness height, single recline position for RF. Separate LATCH strap for each belt path just like the MyRide. Cool, new “In Right” lower LATCH connectors on both RF & FF LATCH straps. Production begins in February, 2nd qtr 2012 release.



New Classic Ride
An updated ComfortSport using the existing shell (will not replace CS), 4-40 lbs RF, to 50 lbs FF, added inserts


Argos & Argos Elite (based on Nautilus platform)
Elite version has lockoff and width-adjustable head support, no rethread harness, 20-70 lbs with  harness, 30-100 lbs HBB, 40-120 LBB.  MSRP $199, Elite $219



New Aprica “Moto” Travel System with “A30” infant carseat – No pics. Looks like a Snugride 30. Not sure if there are any differences besides cover and branding. Will confirm and follow-up.

Canadian news on the My Ride: they’re in the final stages of testing. Soon!

And the Winners Are……


First, we’d like to publicly congratulate Bubble Bum for being a JPMA 2011 Innovation Awards Winner!  I <3 these ladies and I’m thrilled that they were recognized for their innovative product and all their hard work.  I know they were very busy at the Expo but I hope they took a moment or two to bask in the glory of their success!  We have a review of the award-winning Bubble Bum booster here.

Next up, we have a winner in our Chicco KeyFit Bokoo Cover giveaway!  The lovely Adriana Rendon of Bokoo Covers randomly chose the winner when we caught up with her at the Expo. Thank you Adriana for not killing me when I made you wait almost an hour!  I <3 you too!  🙂 

For more info on Bokoo Covers for the Chicco KeyFit & KeyFit 30 – see our blog here.