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4Moms “Self-Installing” Infant Seat Reveal


4Moms had a big unveiling of their new infant seat, to be released at the end of 2014. 4Moms is known as the high-tech company where its products make life easier for parents by folding and unfolding by themselves; for instance, their Origami stroller folds at the push of a button. The new infant seat, unveiled at a press event today at the ABC Show installs itself, self-levels, and verifies the install before each ride. It has a no re-thread harness and side impact protection.

Because this is a *very* EARLY prototype, 4Moms is still working on practically everything on the seat. Preliminarily, the infant seat has a weight limit of 4-22 lbs. Price point hasn’t been decided yet, but will be $$$$.

4momscarseatback 4momscarseatside

4momscarseattop 4momsinfant

An all-new Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Seat



pegpreemieWe had a chance to see Peg Perego’s upcoming infant seat: The Primo Viaggio 4.35.  This seat has some great features that make it a completely different product from the existing model, and that we think people will like a lot.

The “4.35” refers to the seat’s weight range of 4-35 lbs. (The Peg reps called the seat “four-thirty-five,” by the way.) The seat provided a pretty good fit to a premie doll, although they’re still working on finalizing the insert designs. There are two inserts: an upper one (head support) and lower one that includes extra padding around the crotch buckle to help position smaller babies.

It features a no-thread harness that adjusts from the back, and the back of the seat is straighter to keep babies from slouching.

The base has a dial for adjusting the recline angle, and it will include a dual-zone bubble indicator for the angle.

The 4.35 also features some exciting installation possibilities. The base includes something called the “Right Tight” to help tighten the seatbelt or LATCH strap. The Right Tight is similar to the tensioning plate on the Cybex Aton, only even easier to use.


On first glance, there appears to be no belt path on the seat for installing without a base—but it’s there, just in a very innovative way. The belt path is actually located on the handle, near where it attaches to the seat. To access it, you move the handle forward into the anti-rebound position. Then you can route the belt through. The seat also allows for European belt routing.


Here’s Darren demonstrating some of the features of the Primo Viaggio 4.35:

Other points of interest:

We measured how much room the seat takes up from front to back when installed with the base and got about 26″. That will vary based on individual cars, but that length puts it in a class along with seats like the Aton and Chicco Keyfit, which fit nicely in smaller back seats.

The seat includes a label showing not to put it on top of a shopping cart.

The Primo Viaggio 4.35 is already available in Europe (under a different name), where it has amazing crash test results. Peg Perego is still testing the seat for the US market, but they hope to have it here sometime next year. Remember that all features, measurements, weight ranges, etc. are subject to change before the seat hits the market.

Also from Peg Perego

They’re coming out with “Clima Covers,” which are thermal-regulating slipcovers made from hospital-grade fabric. They’ll be available for the Peg infant and convertible seats, and will cost $69.99 and $99.99, respectively.

pegclimaigloo  pegclima

They’ll also have an “Igloo,” a furry shower-cap-type-cover for the infant seat, available for $69.95.


Also coming for 2014 is a change in the fabric for the infant insert for the convertible, a cupholder for the convertible seat ($25) and a travel bag with wheels ($60) that will fit the infant seat, convertible, and booster seat.

ABC Expo 2013: Britax G4 Convertible Seat Preview


Britax G4 Convertible - 2014 FashionsHello from the ABC Show in Las Vegas! Britax has a few, alright 6, upcoming changes for their new convertible seat line!

Our Full review can be found here!

The G4 Britax Convertibles will have:

  • A new infant insert that’s required for infants up to 22 lbs. After the child reaches 22 lbs., the insert must be removed. It’s used for proper positioning for harness height and fits Romeo well.
  • A new HUGS design without the tether through the back of the seat. The HUGS has a wavy design on the front that the chest clip “locks” into when the harness is properly tightened, making it difficult for children to push down. HUGS is still optional for rear-facing children, though Britax does recommend that they are left on all the time so parents don’t lose them. New HUGS will be on Blvd, Pavilion & Advocate models. Marathon will retain current (original) HUGS pads. Roundabout doesn’t have HUGS.
  • On the inside of the cover, there’s a new label indicating maximum shoulder height for rear-facing children. This eliminates guesswork for parents for when their child has outgrown the seat rear-facing. When the child’s shoulders reach the line on the label, it’s time to turn the child forward (height-wise).
  • All convertibles that once had a 70 lbs. weight limit will now have a 65 lbs. weight limit due to new FMVSS testing standards being introduced in 2014.
  • Labels are now color-coded. Rear-facing labels are blue, forward-facing labels and lockoffs are green, booster labels are red.
  • Britax is dropping the numbers from the names of their convertibles; so the Roundabout 55 will now be the Roundabout, the Marathon 70 will be the Marathon, etc. Plain Jane, you know. Makes it easy, as long as you stick with the new seats. Older seats will still be called by their names, like Marathon 70.

New Britax G4 HUGS pads  New Britax G4 Convertible Seat HUGS pads

britaxg4insert  brtiaxg4labels

Babies R Us does have an exclusive called the Ultimate Comfort Series (UCS). Besides exclusive covers, these seats will have memory foam for ultimate comfort.

Buy Buy Baby will maintain their XE series as well, which includes a cup holder, a stuff bag, and an extended warranty. Buy Buy Baby also sells the Highway for Britax.

Canadians, great news for you! Because Britax has sold out of their current stock in Canada, you should be seeing these changes on their website coming this Friday.

For the rest of us down south, we can watch for the changes on the Britax website on November 8. Seats will be shipping around mid-late November.

New 2014 fashions will include Laguna (which is really teal, not blue; couldn’t capture true color), Pink Giraffe, Cub Pink & Kiwi

New 2014 Britax G4 Convertible fashions


Kiddy Evolution Pro Infant Carseat – Sneak Peek from ABC Kids Expo 2013!


Greetings from the New Products Showcase Reception at ABC Kids Expo 2013!

Darren, Jennie and I scoped out all the new products at the reception and found one that we wanted to share with you. It’s a sneak peek at the Kiddy Evolution Pro infant seat! We hope to have all the juicy details after we meet with Kiddy soon.