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ABC Expo 2013: What’s New from Cybex


Cybex Aton QAt last year’s ABC Show, Cybex introduced the Aton 2 with the load leg and it’s proven to be a very popular infant seat. The load leg on the base keeps the infant seat from rotating down toward the floor which improves stability and helps absorb crash forces. Cybex has done comparison crash tests against the competition to see how effective the load leg really is in dissipating crash energy, and they’ve found it to be eye-opening, not only in terms of reducing downward rotation of the infant seat, but also in reducing rebound as well (see chart below). When you reduce the downward rotation, it’s essentially reducing the bounce back from the vehicle seat cushion since it didn’t go as far into the cushion as it would have otherwise. The Aton 2 also introduced the Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) flip-up device on the sides of the handle. These innovative features won the Aton 2 the JPMA Innovation Award for 2012.

Cybex Comp Chart   X-Force

This year, Cybex introduces the Aton Q infant seat. The Aton Q is a part of their Platinum line of products, the top echelon. The Q also won this year’s JPMA Innovation Award, so two years in a row for Cybex! Congrats! What makes the Aton Q different from the Aton and the Aton 2? Plenty. First, it has a larger canopy, but it’s still very Euro, very Aton in flavor. The Q has a no re-thread harness that, as the harness slots move down to fit a smaller baby, the seat pan moves up to boost the baby up to those slots. Innovation anyone? Pictured below is the Euro model with 3-pt harness and no chest clip. The model for the US will have a 5-pt harness and a chest clip. The belt path prongs on the carrier are colored in silver (platinum) plastic, with other silver accents. The Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) is shifted off the handle and toward the top of the carrier, nearer to the baby’s head. On either side, the LSP telescopes out from the side of the carrier to the depth needed for maximum protection. Perhaps best of all, the Aton Q will fit any Aton base. Cybex is expecting a 1st quarter delivery and a price point of $349.

Cybex Aton Q  Cybex Aton Q

Why 3-Year-Olds Have No Business Riding In Booster Seats

Is a 3-year-old safe in a booster?

I see this less frequently than in years past, but it’s still happening all across America. Parents are graduating preschool age children into booster seats too quickly. The problem is, it’s not a “graduation”. It’s a demotion in safety. And it’s putting young children at risk for serious and possibly fatal injuries in a crash.

Here are some of the main reasons why 3-year-olds (and even many 4-year-olds) have no business riding in a booster seat in the car:

  1. 3-year-olds (and young kids, in general) lack the maturity to stay properly seated for every ride in a booster seat
  2. Even though some booster seats are rated down to 30 lbs., it is generally accepted that children under 40 lbs. are best protected in a seat with a 5-pt harness
  3. Many booster seats do not position the seatbelt optimally on the body of an average 3-or-4-year-old which could lead to internal injuries in a crash
  4. Many boosters seats have a seating depth (front-to-back) that is too deep for the shorter legs of a younger child. If the child has to slouch or scoot forward to bend his/her knees over the edge of the booster, that will promote poor seatbelt fit which increases injury risk.
  5. Having a 3-year-old in a booster is illegal in some states (like New York), although there may be exemptions

Think of it this way – when your child rides in a carseat with a 5-point harness, the responsibility for the child’s safety rests on you, the parent or caregiver, to make sure that the child is safe in the vehicle. It’s the parent/caregiver’s responsibility to make sure the seat is installed tightly and the harness straps are snug around the child. The child is responsible for nothing. God forbid, in case of a crash, the child should be in the proper position to allow the carseat to do its job.

Now, once your child transitions to a belt-positioning booster seat using the vehicle seatbelt – that responsibility for the child’s safety switches to the child. The booster seat can’t do its job if, at the moment of impact, the child has leaned over to pick up something off of the floor of the car. Or leaned over to mess with their little brother or sister. Or fallen asleep out of position. Or put the shoulder belt under their arm. Etc, etc. Booster seats are for children who are mature enough to sit still and stay in the proper position. And they have to be able to stay in that proper position for the entire ride, every ride. Awake or asleep.

I know there are some 3-year-olds who can do that but the vast majority cannot. 3-year-olds (and many 4-year-olds) are just too wiggly! Most are not ready yet for the extra freedom that a booster provides. Usually, by kindergarten age, most kids are ready to start “booster training”. But if your kid is still a wiggle worm with no impulse control – then you should continue to use a seat with a 5-point harness. Just make sure it’s a seat that your kid still fits in.

There are a few forward-facing carseats with a 5-pt harness that have low top harness slots and a 40 lbs. weight limit on the harness. Those seats will be outgrown much more quickly by weight or by height. But there are many more seats on the market today with a 5-point harness rated up to 50, 65 or even 90 lbs. that also have tall top harness slots to keep those preschool age kids safely in a 5-pt harness for a few more years. And many of them can also be used in booster mode (without the harness) once the harness is outgrown. We call those “Combination Seats” (pictured below) because they combine a forward-facing 5-point harness seat with a booster seat.


For more information, please see our list of Recommended Seats or visit our forum at www.Car-Seat.Org.

ABC Expo 2013: Graco Updates & Tranzitions 65 Convertible Preview


New IMMI Graco buckleGraco has good news for anyone in the market for an infant seat: by the end of this year, all their infant seat buckles will be the IMMI buckles! What that means for the Average Josephine is that the release button will be easier push and the buckle tongs will be easier to insert into the buckle. Yay! Trust me, they’re happy about it too. Speaking of infant seats, Babies R Us has renewed their exclusivity contract for the SnugRide 40, so if you or a friend are looking for that particular Graco infant seat, you can only get it at BRU.

Graco is introducing a new Argos 80 Elite model based on the Argos 70 Elite, but with structural changes to beef it up to handle the extra 10 lbs. of kid. So the new weight range will be 20-80 lbs. Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby will carry the Argos 80 Elite starting sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2014. MSRP $219.

Graco Argos 80 Elite

There are some changes to the Size4Me/Head Wise/My Size convertible carseats. Because of 2014 regulatory changes, Graco is reducing the upper weight limit to 65 lbs. You’ll be seeing this happen with a lot of manufacturers’ convertible carseats with current weight limits over 65 lbs. The labels will be changed to reflect the change in weight limit, otherwise the seats should remain largely the same.

Now, I bet you thought nothing was really going on at Graco because I waited until now to tell you about something NEW! I just like to build anticipation 😉 . Graco is adding a new convertible seat based on the Size4Me shell but at a lower pricepoint. In the” Tranzitions 65,” (now known as the Contender; info on the Tranzitions combination seat can be found here) you get the same great height of the Size4Me/Head Wise/My Size seats, but with fewer features. The harness is still a no re-thread adjustment for changing harness height, but they’ve removed the sliding recline feature and added a flip foot for a simple 2-position recline. There’s one LATCH strap instead of 2 and it’s on a bar on the side of the carseat; it has the standard Graco hooks for lower anchor connectors. The labels are also different: there are lots of drawings instead of text, which makes them very easy to understand. Graco’s done a great job of keeping features parents need while keeping price low at $159. The Tranzitions 65 Contender is due out in the 1st quarter of 2014. Initial fashions are Pierce (pictured here), Nyssa & Go Green (pictured at end of blog).

New Graco Tranzitions 65  Graco Tranzitions 65

Graco Tranzitions 65


Affix with Safety Surround in Stargazer fashionAffix highback booster will now be available with “Safety Surround” technology. BuyBuyBaby exclusive. “Stargazer” fashion. $99



A few new fashions:




Just the Universe “Doing Its Thing”


On FridayPassenger Pick-Up Terminal 5 night I flew home from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and my flight arrived at JFK at around 9:30 PM. After I picked up my luggage and called for my shuttle service I went outside to wait for the shuttle van. They told me it would be there in 5-10 minutes but 15 or more minutes went by with no Red Dot Airport Shuttle in sight.

After a while a mother and her young child appeared and stood next to me waiting for their ride. No carseat in sight. I was disappointed but not surprised. Soon a car pulled up and as they waved, I spied with my little eye a FF Britax Blvd (original generation) in the backseat. I was silently impressed – not because it was a Britax but just because there was an appropriate CR for the child to ride in. The driver and passenger of the vehicle got out to greet mom and child. I suspected that they were the child’s grandparents, which was later confirmed. As grandpa loaded the luggage into the trunk, I watched mom open the back door to the car (driver’s side) and grab the carseat as if checking the installation. I groaned to myself as I watched the seat move all over the place when she did this. I wondered if she was going to leave it that way. She shut the door and came back to the curb. Then she opened the passenger’s side door and climbed into the backseat. She’s going to fix the carseat installation! I silently rejoiced. But then I recognized that look of complete bewilderment on her face. Oh, no! She doesn’t know what to do! At that point I knew I had to offer to help.

“Do you need some help?”, I asked, sticking my head into the car. “Installing carseats is what I do for a living”, I half-joke in my most friendly tone. The look of relief on her face was priceless and I knew in an instant that she wasn’t going to yell at me or tell me to mind my own damn business. I knew I could help her and I knew I could get that seat installed quickly but I also had one eye on the road looking out for my shuttle which was already past due. At this point I start praying that it doesn’t come right this second. I don’t need a lot of time but I also know the shuttle won’t wait for me to finish helping someone with a carseat installation.

At this point all typical installation education goes out the window because I gotta get this done FAST. The seat isn’t attached to the vehicle at all – except by the tether. I’m thinking Thank God it’s a Britax convertible as I get it installed rock-solid with the seatbelt in 20 seconds. I would have used LATCH but the lower anchor connectors were still stored inside the cubby holes under the cover and I didn’t have time to mess with taking them out. I’m also thinking “don’t obsess about perfection – just make this child safER than what she would have been for the ride home if I hadn’t been here”. The entire time I’m looking up every 10 seconds, watching the road, hoping for another minute. So far, so good, still no Red Dot shuttle. Okay, seat is installed tightly and tethered – let’s get this kid strapped in! But wait – ugh, the harness is waaaay too low. I gotta crank it up higher. But it’s an original model Blvd and I’m turning and turning and turning that stupid little knob and it feels like it’s taking forever and hardly moving. I start using both hands to turn both knobs simultaneously. Finally, I get the headwings extended slightly above the main shell and I’m hoping that that’s tall enough for my new friend, Grace. We plop her in – it’s perfect! Mom and I buckle her up nice and snug and I give her a high-five. I tell her that she was awesome, because well…. she was! It was late and they flew all the way from CA and most kids that age would have been cranky and miserable by that point but Grace was perfectly cooperative and full of interesting questions. She was totally adorable and I was so glad that I was able to help her and her family.

Mom and grandparents were so happy and appreciative. Grandma said I had “restored her faith in humanity”. I thought that was super sweet. Honestly, I was just as happy and appreciative that they had taken me up on my offer to help. I learned a long time ago that I can’t save the world, but I still want to.

I gave them my last business card and hopefully they’ll contact me because I know there are other things that need to be checked and explained. I wasn’t able to give the seat a thorough once-over and they didn’t get much education but hopefully I’ll see them again since the grandparents live relatively close to me.

After they drove off, I called my shuttle service back to say “hey, where the heck are you?”  The dispatcher says “the driver told me he got you”. Ummm…. no. Obviously I wasn’t pissed about it and they sent another van to get me within 10 minutes but it made me think that my shuttle was MIA for a reason. Things like this happen to me often enough and I’ve learned not to question them. I figure it’s just the universe “doing its thing”. For whatever reason, I was meant to cross paths with Grace and her lovely family at the passenger pickup area of JFK’s Terminal 5. I’m not sure why but I was happy to oblige.