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I have a problem. I am a problem sleeper. Not in the traditional sense, though I am considered a night owl by a lot of folks, including zzzzzzzmy early bird husband who would be happy to call it a night at 8:30 pm every night. Hey, my night is just starting at 10 pm when everyone goes to sleep—it’s quiet and the dog and I are all alone. Pure bliss. No, my problem is that I fall instantly asleep on any mode of transportation where I’m not actively in charge of its function.

Life hasn’t always been this way; in fact, I remember a couple of very long 13-hour trans-Pacific flights to and from New Zealand where I couldn’t sleep. No, it’s a recent phenomenon that’s slowly been creeping up on me over the last few years. Perhaps it’s a sign of aging; the elderly do tend to sleep a lot in moving vehicles. I remember my grandmother’s mouth hanging open as we would make multi-state drives to visit my uncles and their families, with Lionel Richie and Chicago tapes playing in the background.

The problem for me is, like my grandmother, my mouth hangs open, and my head tends to bob. This is rather comical because as my head bobs, I scare myself awake. Yes, I can admit this because it is rather funny and I’m not above making fun of myself. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be walking through the grocery store farting out loud and not caring. Just wait!

I recently took my kids with me to Washington, DC, for the Safe Kids Conference. My coalition director has wanted me to go for years and my kids are finally old enough to handle themselves alone for conference sessions (and they even attended one with me on pedestrian safety!). I was asleep on the plane before we were out of our airport’s airspace. They thought it was funny—even took pictures of me, little buggers. I had a good excuse though: we had to be up at 3:30 am to get ready to leave for the airport to catch our leaving-at-the-butt-crack-of-dawn flight. I had no excuse for the return flight, however. Yep, out like a light as soon as we were in the air. I do remember hearing the captain coming on the loudspeaker to say, “Flight attendants—sit down!” My drowsy response to my kids was, “Hold on to the iPads,” then I promptly went back to sleep.

I used to enjoy being a passenger to catch up on magazine reading and blog work or other computer work. I can’t even imagine reading a book now since I can’t get through a magazine article. A chapter of a book? Fuhgeddaboutit. So share with me—I can’t be the only one for whom a moving vehicle is better than Ambien. Do you snort yourself awake in public places? Does your family make fun of you because you can get comfortable nearly anywhere, or at least comfortable enough to nod off? We must unite! But after our naps, please!

Chicco NextFit Review Followup


Chicco NextFit -GeminiI’m here to do a follow-up review of the Chicco NextFit Convertible Carseat. If you haven’t already, check out Kecia’s previous review of the Chicco NextFit for measurements, installation, etc!

I purchased this seat about 3 months ago to rear-face Liam in my husband’s 2001 Toyota 4Runner. Liam has an insanely long torso, and has outgrown most seats rear-facing. He just turned 3 years old in July, and is 34lbs and about 39 inches tall (give or take…good luck wrangling him to get a spot on measurement).

My first impression right out of the box was that it was a very nicely built seat. Everything was very well thought out, from storage compartments to placement of the LATCH straps. Installation was a breeze, in both the sloped seat of the 4Runner and the flat seat of my 2005 Honda CR-V. Front to back space is about average; not quite as compact as the Britax seats but definitely not requiring as much space as the Radian.

The cover is very nice and has not snagged or pilled in the 3 months we have had it with almost daily usage. Liam climbs in and out of it himself and puts his shoes all over it (velcro!) without any issues. The chest clip and buckle are very easy to use and the harness adjuster is seamless and easy to tighten and loosen.

Blogiversary Giveaway Finale ~ Diono Radian RXT!


July marked our 5th Blogiversary and we celebrated all month long with 5 awesome giveaways, one for each year we’ve been blogging about carseats and child passenger safety! There was just one problem – we had 6 CR Manufacturers who were all generous enough to partner with us for a giveaway promotion. What an awful problem to have, isn’t it? 😛 So, instead of declining anyone’s generosity we decided to have a bonus week giveaway. Think of it as the extra candle on our cake, since CarseatBlog actually started unofficially in 2007 with a few test blogs.

Radian RXT - stock photoFor the final week of our Blogiversary Celebration, we’ve partnered with our generous friends at Diono to offer one (1) amazing Radian RXT 3-in-1 convertible.  The random winner will have their choice of select Radian RXT fashions (based on availability at promotion’s end). With its tall shell and 45 lbs. rear-facing weight limit, the Radian RXT is a very popular choice for parents interested in extended rear-facing. It offers excellent rear-facing leg room and the height adjustable headwings provide enhanced side-impact protection. It’s also a narrow seat which makes it a great option for narrow seating positions or tight 3-across scenarios. In the forward-facing position, the Radian RXT is a tall seat with generous weight limits that will last many kids until they’re old enough and mature enough to safely transition to the belt-positioning booster mode. A full review of the Diono Radian RXT can be found HERE. We think highly of this seat and it’s on our list of Recommended Seats.

Radian RXT - daytonaRadian RXT - shadowRadian RXT - plumRadian RXT - cobalt

Radian RXT - stormRadian RXT - rugbyRadian RXT - spring

To enter, you MUST leave a comment below on this blog to be eligible to win the prize!  Since this is a BONUS giveaway we’re also giving extra entries if you Like the CarseatBlog facebook page, for daily tweets and for each time you refer a friend (up to 10) with your own custom link.  Please be sure to follow the Rafflecopter instructions for how to get extra entries and for your custom refer-a-friend URL!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner must have a shipping address in the Continental US (Canada, Alaska and Hawaii are excluded – sorry!)

The contest will close on Sunday night, 8/11, and a winner will be announced within 72 hours. If a winner is deemed ineligible based on shipping restrictions or other issues or does not respond to accept the prize within 7 days, a new winner will be selected.

Good luck!

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Sneak Peek: Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Preview!


Maxi-Cosi-RodiFix-BoosterExciting news to share! Our sponsor, Maxi-Cosi, will soon be launching their new RodiFix booster here in the US! RodiFix will hopefully be the answer to a lot of wishes for a great booster with NO ARMRESTS!!! If you or your child have ever struggled on a daily basis just to buckle the booster because it was difficult to access the buckle – this could be the seat you’ve been hoping and waiting for!

The fact that RodiFix also has rigid lower LATCH attachments, deep sidewings and headwings with AirProtect technology for enhanced protection in side-impact crashes, is height and width adjustable, has a front access recline feature and an innovative “EasyGlide” shoulder belt guide that your seatbelt can never slip out of unintentionally, and… OMG – someone hand me a paper bag because I’m about to start hyperventilating! Okay, seriously, I don’t want to get too worked up over this until I’ve had a chance to see it and play with it in person but I am so stoked about this seat!!!

A huge “thank you!” shoutout to our friends at Dorel/Maxi-Cosi for bringing us this awesome European seat so we don’t have stare longingly at some distant UK webpage, drooling over something that we can’t have.

I know there will be questions about this product that we just can’t answer right now until we see the seat and read the US instruction manual but please comment and post those questions anyway and we’ll do our best to get some answers as soon as possible. This is what little we do know at this time:

Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Highback Booster

  • Highback only – back not removable
  • $250 MSRP
  • Expected availability next month (September)
  • 30-120 lbs

*Please keep in mind that all details and images are preliminary and may not be representative of the final production model. Photos of product shown below (in red fashion) are of the European RodiFix model. 

Initial fashions for the US model are Total Black, Steel Grey, Sweet Cerise (pink) and Walnut Brown.

maxicosi_rodifix_tall    maxicosi_rodifix_recline

maxicosi_rodifix_easyglide  maxicosi_rodifix_adjust