The Lexus ES introduced luxury and top safety features to mid-size car buyers in 1989. This August, Lexus will release the all-new 2013 Lexus ES 350, a sixth-generation version of the workhorse that started out with 156 hp and now has 268 hp @6200 rpm. For the first time, a hybrid version of the ES, the 300H, will also be released. Vroom vroom!

Sleek new styling includes a spindle grille that gives the ES a lean, mean look that the younger crowd will like yet won’t turn off those of us with more gray than brown. The ES 350 also has sporty dual exhaust pipes and flared fenders for a bolder appearance. Some of the design features are made for aerodynamics and sound reduction: the side mirrors are set off of the windows just a bit to reduce wind noise and it works. The windshield is acoustic glass, which has a plastic film compressed between two layers of glass that helps reduce sound (ok, does anyone else cringe at the thought of replacing that?).