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(Bubble)Bumming Around


Like many others, I was fascinated by the concept of the BubbleBum, an inflatable booster seat that made its debut in the US a few months ago. But I was also a bit skeptical. Things that inflate can also deflate. They can tear or pop. I envisioned a seat similar to a beach ball or one of those inflatable yard decorations people put up at Christmas. You know, the kind that comes with little patches of vinyl in a repair kit?

BubbleBum seemed like a charming company (their Facebook page is by far the most entertaining of any company I follow), but would that translate into the quality of their product? Even as I eagerly read reviews from other people (including experienced technicians who I trust a lot), I had some misgivings about this inflatable seat.

However, any concerns about the BubbleBum’s durability disappeared once I finally had one in my hands. This is no cheap carnival toy, folks. This is heavy-duty and tough. Rugged. It’s like the cowboy of…well, of inflatable booster seats.

I was excited to give the seat a try, so I opened the valve, gave a few puffs, and it was ready to go. I put it outboard in the third row of our 2010 Odyssey and threaded the lap belt through the belt guide farthest from the buckle.

What Do You Want for Christmas?


(Or insert your holiday here ;)). I’m all about Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday and I love the colors and decorations. There’s just something about sparkly Christmas lights that brings out the kid in me! When I was a kid, I used to gather the JCPenney and Sears catalogs we got in the mail (gah, I’m dating myself here, aren’t I?) and circle all the toys I wanted. I never got them, probably because I have expensive taste, lol, but it was still fun to wish. I still have to make a list even now because my family wants me to. It can be hard sometimes for me to come up with gift lists, but I don’t want to get into the psychobabble about why I prefer to give rather than receive gifts :D.

Here’s my partial list in no particular order for this year. What are some things you have on your list?

  • Parents that will stop putting infant seats on the top of store carts.
    • And as a corollary, that said parents will stop unbuckling their infants when they do put them on top of store carts.
  • A Combi Coccoro (CCO): I borrowed one of these cute as a button convertibles and what fun! Carseats aren’t supposed to be *fun*, are they? This one is.
  • People that will fully stop at 4-way stop signs and red lights. I know it’s a stretch for some, given our fast-paced society that’s rush rush rush, but seriously. Come to a complete stop. It will not kill you to lose 2 seconds out of your life stopping, but it may kill me or the kid in the crosswalk if you don’t. And I *will* come back to haunt you.
  • That people will magically know how to drive in a roundabout (aka turning circle). Really, can you tell I have to drive through 4-way stops and roundabouts on a daily basis? 🙂

  • My kids will grow up to be self-sufficient, nice people who love their parents.
  • Oh oh oh! A pen tablet so I can Photoshop with precision.
  • Ah, yes, good photographic skills ;).
  • Parents won’t move their children to combination seats from infant seats.
  • Limencello. Mmmmmmm, yes, I discovered this in Italy last summer.
  • World peace, famine gone, yada yada yada. It goes without saying, really.
  • That all pairs of pants will come with spandex. And that I can find the perfect pair of jeans. With spandex in them.
  • An iPad 2 of my own so I can distort pictures. I love making blockheads, lol.

  • A personal chef. Truly, I can burn soup. Maybe I’ll wish for The Pioneer Woman. I can somewhat make her 16-minute meals in 25 minutes, lol.
  • The perfect booster seat. I’m still looking, though my dd and I are pretty happy with our Monterey base and olli. See the LATCH connection with these 2 seats? Exactly. Gotta be LATCH.

Oh my. This list got long. And when I started, I didn’t think I’d come up with much! Silly me. I should know better ;).

The Dorel Technical Center for Child Safety – CPS Heaven in Indiana?


Dorel Technical Center for Child Safety

Picture this.  A taste of what *I* imagine Heaven is like – in Columbus, Indiana!  Who knew?  It was certainly a surprise to me.  I mean, sure, I expected to like the place.  But I didn’t expect to LOVE it as much as I did.  And our tour guides were simply the best!  Thanks, guys.  We really appreciate everything you did for our benefit!

Backtracking a little bit – here’s the full story:

Getting to the ABC Expo in Louisville involved me flying in and out of Chicago.  Since Darren was making the trip by car, he was kind enough to offer me a ride.  We decided that since we had to drive past Dorel’s HQ in Columbus, that we would try to make an appointment to stop there on the way back.  We missed the big grand opening celebration of their new Technical Center for Child Safety back in September 2010, and we were eager to check the place out.

Canadian Complete Air 65 LX Convertible Unboxing!