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Deals, Deals, Deals!




Who doesn’t love a good deal? We’ve told you before about’s baby sale this month and we have more specials to share with you.  First, since it’s Monday, check out the Lightning Deals in Amazon Baby.  They don’t last long, so keep checking throughout the day for some great bargains!

Carseat savings:

Save 20% on the Graco Nautilus combo seat in the Gabe pattern

Save 20 % on Clek Oobr and Ozzi booster seats

Watch for 15-25% savings on True Fit carseats coming up later this week. Click to see our review of the beloved seats.

Stroller coolness:

Get a free Quinny Dreami bassinet when you purchase a Mico infant seat and Quinny Buzz Stroller!

Save 15% on BOB strollers


Buy a Britax B-Ready stroller and get a B-Ready bassinet or second stroller seat or Chaperone infant carrier for FREE! Check out our review of the Britax Chaperone infant carseat HERE.

Also new this week:

40% off DaVinci Changers, Hutches and Dressers

Billy by NurseryWorks Crib or Dresser/Changer for $299

Baby K’tan Baby Carriers 20% off

And if you’re looking for a baby gift, take a look at Amazon’s Bestsellers and Hot New Releases!

Ten Years


Today we remember and try to forget the awful.

We wish peace and love for everyone touched by the tragic events of 10 years ago.

We thank our armed forces, police, firefighters, and their families for keeping our country safe and for the sacrifices they make.

First Peek: Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible in *Intense Red*!


Yeah, I know it’s only a stock photo but it’s the first we’ve seen of the new Intense Red cover for the brand new Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 convertible carseat!  Check out our full review of the Pria 70 here.  Up until now it’s only been available in Total Black.  Amazon says Intense Red will be shipping in 5-7 weeks.  So… whaddya think???  

Integral Coaching and the Honda Odyssey (Long Term Wrap Part II)


CPSDarren asked if I would write a paragraph or two as a review of our summer with the beloved Honda Odyssey Touring Elite 2011. I thought about it for the entire summer, and then today, our last day with the minivan, decided it was time to crunch this out.

First, a little bit about the title. There is a saying that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” Actually, it’s a nice book you can buy here. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m a storyteller – that is, once I’ve warmed up to you and gotten over my shyness and fear that I’ll be annihilated if I speak, I can actually get going and work up a good froth until someone kicks me in the shins and tells me to slow down and give someone else chance. You see, I have a lot to say about brilliant insights I’ve made and philosophies I’ve created about this world. I just so rarely think that it’s my turn to say it. Sometimes, it’s just preferable to stay in my head where it all makes sense and nobody can sass me back. You’ll also discover that I’m incredibly self-referential – in the end, it’s all about me. I want people to come inside my mind and see and feel and understand exactly as I have. I’ve led a lifetime trying to pretend otherwise, but somewhere in my 40s (actually just last week), I discovered how shallow I really was.

I work for a large global technology company as a program manager, and am also an integral coach. The cool thing about integral coaching is that absolutely everything about your life reveals you in some way. Everything you say, everything you do is an expression somehow of you. The integral coach’s job is to help you become aware of those patterns, explore them, and then develop practices and new skillsets and qualities to step into a more fulfilling and authentic life. Cool, huh?