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ABC Expo 2011: What’s new from Diono


This year Diono didn’t have a booth at ABC since they weren’t sure if they would have their new products in time for the show. Luckily, they did manage to have some products ready and they wound up in a big meeting room at the convention center.  We popped in to say hi and check out what was new and updated.  Unfortunately, the highly anticipated recline angle adjuster for their convertible seats didn’t make it to the show so we have nothing new to report on that accessory at this time.  But as soon as we have ANY news to share – we will post it (probably on our carseatblog facebook page). 

New Diono Radian models are shipping this week!  That means good deals can be found on existing stock of Radian models.

The new 3-in-1 models (RXT, R120 & R100) offer 2″ more interior room but have the same external dimentions as the original Radian models.  New models will also have darker grey shells & darker red belt guides.  LATCH is recommended in booster mode!  There is a standing height limit of 44″ listed for the rear-facing position (language in manual says 1.5″ of shell above head OR 44″ tall) *BUT* Diono has confirmed for us, in writing, that you can continue to use the seat RF if your kid exceeds 44″ tall but still has more than 1.5″ of shell above his/her head. This is great news and we’re really happy they took this stance.  I’m not sure how many kids taller than 44″ still fit RF with more than 1.5″ of shell over their head, but either way we’d like to hear comments from you on this issue.      




New Monterey booster with different shoulder belt guide placement. The updated placement of the belt guide should help the seat fit better on kids with narrow shoulders.  


Belt guide for booster mode on R100 & R120:

ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Evenflo


It seems that everyone is stepping up their game and Evenflo is no exception!  There are several exciting, new and improved CRs from Evenflo that are either hitting the shelves now or coming soon.

First up – the highly anticipated Securekid 300 & Securekid 400 based on the Maestro platform. These new combination seats offer a higher weight limit on the 5-pt harness, an adjustable head support, deeper side wings and premium LATCH connectors.  These are going to be very popular seats – I guarantee it! 

Securekid 300:  20-65 lbs with harness, 30-100 lbs HBB, has premium push-on lower LATCH connectors and deep headwings with EPP foam, SI tested to Aussie standard, shipping December, $129


Securekid 400:  20-65 lbs with harness, 30-100 lbs HBB, has SureLATCH self-ratcheting lower LATCH connectors and deep headwings with e3 triple-layer foam for enhanced SIP, SI tested to Aussie standard, shipping December, $159


SecureKid 300 compared to Maestro:


New SecureRide 35 e3:  infinite slide harness, e3 triple-layer foam SIP, SureLATCH self-ratcheting lower LATCH connectors, shipping Dec, $179

New Embrace 35 infant seat:  4-35 lbs, fits preemie doll really well, anti-rebound handle position, under $100, shipping now 


New Big Kid Amp patterns:


New “Loudmouth” fashions:


Symphony 65 e3:  I <3 this seat!

More info on Dorel’s new rear-facing recline range for convertibles


We broke the news on facebook & twitter this past Monday that Dorel has new labels for their convertible seats which will allow children who weigh more than 22 lbs and who can also sit upright unassissted to be more upright in the rear-facing position. The new labels have two “level to ground” lines and the bigger RF kids can be anywhere in between the two lines which are set at 45 degrees and 30 degrees (measured from vertical).   The new labels will start to showing up on Dorel convertible seats by next month so keep your eyes peeled for them!

We asked Dorel for clarification regarding which convertibles would and would not get the new sticker labels. This is the response we received:


By April of 2012, our goal is to have the new double level line on all of our convertible seats.  Most of the seats will be changed over before the end of the year, including the Alpha Elite 65 and Complete Air 65.  The only convertible that will not get the double line is the Maxi Cosi Pria 70.  Since that particular seat uses the Tiny Fit System and already provides an upright position of the main seat, it will not get the new double line treatment. 

We already knew that the new Cosco Apt (Scenera with intergrated cup holders – see Dorel ABC blog for pics) was going to have the dual level lines.  And apparently the Scenera will too – at least eventually.  Oh, happy day!  🙂

ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Britax


No new Britax CRs at this time but some new fashions for existing convertible seats. There were also some new accessory products including a wheeled travel bag for $69.99.  B-Safe infant seat has received a fix for falling recline foot issue and a smaller chest clip and there will be minor improvements to make the lockoff system more user friendly.

Britax infant seats. Check out our reviews of the Chaperone & B-Safe.


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New Britax Accessories: