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Britax B-Safe and Frontier 85 SICT Preview!!!


Have you ever gone looking for something and instead of finding whatever it was that you were looking for, you stumble across something even better?  That’s what happened today at CarseatBlog!  

Behold the new Frontier 85 SICT (Side Impact Cushion Technology) available at for as low as $240 on sale.

From the Britax website:

How does Side Impact Cushion Technology work?

Side Impact Cushion Technology is comprised of patented energy-management cushions on either side of the child seat. During a side impact crash, the energy-management cushions compress to absorb the incoming crash forces safely expelling the air through strategically placed vents.

These robust air chambers require up to 10 times more force to compress than competing technologies, which results in the transfer of significantly more crash force energy AWAY from your child. This is important because the amount of force required to compress the cushions is directly related to the amount of energy diverted away from your child. It is important to note that the cushions do NOT deploy upon impact, like vehicle airbags do.

In addition, Side Impact Cushion Technology is the first and only technology to offer protection by:

  • Absorbing side impact crash forces before they reach your child, resulting in fewer head injuries.
    This is important because head injury is the leading cause of death for children in vehicle crashes, and the amount of crash forces reaching the child’s head determines the severity of a head injury.
  • Providing an energy-absorbing surface area along the full length of the seat, protecting your child’s head, neck, and torso.
    This is important because incoming crash forces are not limited to the head area.
  • Offering a soft, protective surface for the adjacent passenger in a side impact crash.
    This is important because adjacent passengers are vulnerable to injury from contact with child seats in a side impact crash.


Now, if you have your heart set on a Frontier 85 but the SICT model doesn’t work for your situation (or your budget), don’t be alarmed. The current Frontier 85 model without the side-impact cushions probably isn’t going anywhere. The SICT model is presumably an addition to the current Britax lineup, not a replacement for the current Frontier model.

The only other differences between this new model and the current Frontier 85 model appear to be cover related. The SICT models will feature an Easy-Remove cover which will allow for “easy cleaning without disassembling or uninstalling the car seat”.  And last but not least, it looks like none of the initial fabrics are mesh! 

Cardinal (Red), Onyx (Black) and Portobello (Gray) all appear to be meshless (yes, I just made up that word), which I’m sure will make a lot of people happy!  Thank you, Britax!

(now hurry up and get busy on those Livia, Maui Blue & Cowmoo SICT covers, k?)  😉  

We promise to share details on price and estimated availability as soon as we have the info.  In the mean time, check out our full review of the current Frontier 85 model HERE.

There’s also some information on the upcoming Britax B-Safe Infant Seat, courtesy of Rated By Mom.  It appears that it will be less expensive than the Chaperone, omitting some features like the anti-rebound bar and True Side Impact protection.  It also appears to be shorter and lighter, too!

Product Weight (lbs): 16 (car seat only 9.8)

Product Dimensions (in): 17.5W x 24.5H x 27.5D (handle up)

Product Dimensions (in): 17.5W x 15.5H x 27.5D (handle down)

Seat Back Compartment Height (in): 20

Seat Area Depth/Width (in): 13/19

Shoulder Width (in): 10

Harness Slot Heights (in): 5, 7, 9, 12

Buckle Strap Depth (in): 3.5, 5.5

Check out the preview at Rated By Mom.  Stay tuned for our full review!

Recaro ProSport Review


The Recaro ProSport Combination Harness To Booster seat is the new combination seat from Recaro, essentially replacing the YoungSport.  It offers increased weight ratings over the previous model, from 20 to 90 pounds in harness mode and 30 to 120 pounds in booster mode.  It also is a little roomier overall and adds a nice, no-rethread harness height adjustment system.  It accommodates kids from 27 to 50 inches in harness mode and 37 to 59 inches tall in booster mode.  New for 2011 are “luxury” fashions, Envy and Hanna (named after its designer, Hanna Cushing).

Recaro touts its key features such as Side Impact Protection (it passes the European standards, since there is no USA standard).  In addition, there are EasyGuide, color-coded belt paths, the EasyAdjust 5-point harness system, the ErgoShell structure for comfort, a SoftTouch seat cushion insert and EPS foam throughout.  I’ll add to that list with some things I like.

Monday Giveaway Sponsored By!


Thanks to our sponsor,, we have the luxury of giving away the new and innovative Kidsline Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center.

The Baby Chef baby food prep center from Kidsline saves time because its unique controls allow you to both steam and blend foods in multiple batches at the same time. And its dedicated heat controls means it can be used as a food and feeding bottle warmer. The generous-sized blending and chopping jar comes with a convenient storage lid so it’s ready for the refrigerator or on-the-go meals. Cord Storage, accessories drawer, space-saving spatula, tongs, measuring cup, and steaming cup included. BPA-free.



  • All-in-1 Machine: It Steams, Chops, Blends, Purees, Defrosts, Warms – even accommodates baby bottles!
  • Side-by-Side Meal Prep: Steam & Blend at the Same Time!
  • BPA-free with “Same Time” Dual Function Controls
  • Space-Saving Side Drawer with Tongs, Spatula, & Lid Included
  • Measuring Cup & Bottom Cord Storage Included

Check out the youtube video here:

There are 2 ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Commenting on this blog post
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Matt and the Bubble Gum, er Bum


My wife, currently Heather, has been suggesting that I write something for  Were the suggestions more frequent or insistent, I would refer to it as nagging, but to her credit it has not yet risen to that level of annoyance.  In an attempt to nip that in the bud, the following is an irrelevant blog entry for your reading displeasure.