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What’s new from Britax at ABC Kids


Word has been circulating for a while, but it’s now official.  For those who lamented the lack of LATCH on the Britax Parkway SG, your wish is now granted with the new Britax Parkway SG-L (coming soon)!  The main new feature is a handy lower attachment system that is ultra easy to use.  You attach the premium connectors, then pull a single strap outward from either side.   No matter which side adjuster strap you pull, both of the attachment straps tighten with a pulley system inside!  When not in use, the lower attachments are stored under the base.  They’ve also raised the armrests slightly, perhaps to help with shoulder belt fit.  Plus, the armrests are now rubber over-molded and no longer have a fabric cover.  Finally, the’ve gone to a secure guard crotch strap with a single strap design, rather than the dual straps on the Parkway SG.  

We have a little more on Britax coming later, including an install tip and an update for those using the lockoffs on the new Britax convetibles along with information on some minor improvements to the Britax Chaperone.  Lots more from Heather and Kecia with the other manufacturers we visited a little later tonight.  I had hoped to upload the following video and get this blog posted while watching the football games today (Go Bears!), but I couldn’t get wireless access:-(

ABC Kids New Product Showcase


Well, this year’s best items at the new product showcase were the wine, cheese and butlered appetizers.  That’s because no child safety seat manufacturers had anything to show.  I know there are a few new things being introduced here, but apparently not at the showcase:-(

Plus, my stroller and baby gear team blew me off (you know who you are!), so I decided just to take a few snapshots and head out to meet a friend for dinner and a show.  My buddy and I have been coming to Vegas at least every few years since around 1991.  Used to be almost every year until the kids appeared, and with the Expo moving to Louisville next year, this might be it for a while!  Blackjack, craps and sportsbook, here we come!

Anyway, here are some photos.  A few infant seat covers and protectors from BuggyShady,  Tivoli Couture and BusyIzzy.

The Valco Ion stroller and the Sidekick ride-along board for the Orbit G2:

Perhaps the coolest bathtub conversion from American Standard Safety Tubs and a mobile childproofing kit from Travel-Tot:

Stay tuned tomorrow for our first day at the show!  Heather, Kecia and I will be meeting with Britax, Combi, Cybex, Dorel, Harmony and Sunshine Kids!  I’m also taking a little break to catch the Bears game at the biggest football party in Vegas.  It is Vegas, after all!

I Need Help Finding A New Ride


It’s time for the Sienna to move on to another family who will appreciate it more than I do.  I’m over it.  Done.  Finis.  I was done driving a van when we bought it back in ’05, but my dd was still rear-facing and you just can’t deny the ease of getting kids in and out of vans.  It’s a great people hauler and the stuff we’ve fit into it has been amazing—beds, gigantic TVs, wood, a grill, etc.—but it’s nearly as big as a bus!

I’m at a crossroads as to which vehicle to buy and I could use personal experience input because I’m really torn.  After a recent rental car experience with a Kia Optima (heh, that car had some pickup, I tell you—I finally gave in and drove at 80 mph because that was *its* speed), I’ve crossed sedans off my list because they sit too low to the ground.  I simply had too much trouble seeing around the mammoth vehicles in front of me on the freeway to anticipate what was coming.

I’ve loved SUVs since we bought our first, a RAV4, in 1996.   The smaller SUVs sit just high enough to give me visibility, yet are easy to drive, and they have 4-wheel/AWD, which is something I think I need, but dh disagrees since we already have one.  More than anything, I want to drive something that I *love* to drive, not a utility vehicle, which is what the van is to me.  Sure, the van has some great features that I appreciate, but I don’t love it.

Chicco Strada Booster Contest at Car-Seat.Org!


The Chicco Strada is a “Best Bet” according to the IIHS.  You can win one on our forums!

We hope to be giving away another Strada here at the blog soon, courtesy of!