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Girl Hits 5 Deer in 1 Year–Look Out!


I don’t know who to be more scared for–the deer or the girl.  Kacee Larson of Iowa has hit 5 deer in the last 12 months.  Perhaps she needs to read Ulrike’s blog post on how to react when encountering deer.  I do like the part in the article where the police use the phrase “don’t veer for deer,” because drivers who do can roll their vehicles or drive into oncoming traffic.

Of course, I’m not at all making fun of Kacee.  My deer of choice when I was 16 was a Volvo.

Unboxing – Graco Nautilus Elite (Review Coming Soon!)


The Graco Nautilus is one of the most popular models for our readers, based on referrals from search engine phrases and sales at our affiliate websites.  While we never had a formal review of the original, it is one of our recommended models.  Soon, we will be reviewing the updated Nautilus Elite model (currently exclusive to Toys R Us) we saw last fall at the ABC Kids Expo.  Here’s a sneak peek-



On our long drive to Lake Minnewaska, my mom said something about DS (5) in his carseat that I initially dismissed.  After all, she never used carseats for her kids and I think the extent of her experience driving our kids in her car was a Britax Laptop and a backless booster.  A while later, after reflecting upon it, I thought I should check something.  Of course, that check didn’t come until a lunch stop on our way back home a few days later.  Everyone else was still eating and I remembered that I wanted to check it, so I did.  Sure enough, mom was right!

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a critical error, all things considered.  Even so, it was definitely a mistake.  What did I do wrong?

No, there aren’t a lot of clues but I will add some later if no one gets it!  Sorry no giveaway this time, it’s just for fun!  Feel free to guess at will.

Paying the Bills


We just wanted to say thanks to our sponsor,, for renewing their sponsorship for the rest of the year!  We do greatly appreciate the support and hope our readers will consider them whenever they are shopping for carseats and baby gear.  They are also a premier sponsor on our forums at Car-Seat.Org, where Bryan from Kids-N-Cribs often participates with information on the latest products and fashions and posts deals and specials, too.

We would also like to thank all our other partners and sponsors, past and present, including our newest sponsor, Huggable Images.  They design custom safety training dolls, including age appropriate child passenger safety demonstration dolls.

Thank you again for your generous support and contributions to child passenger safety!