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How far is too far?


I understand that we’re all passionate about safety.  And at some point or another, most of us have had to deal with criticism from friends or family members who think we’ve  taken this whole safety thing too far and just gone right off the deep end.  Usually, we just brush off these ignorant remarks because deep in our hearts we know that we’re right and obviously they just can’t stand to admit it.  We’re aware of the fact that MVC’s are the leading cause of death to children in the US and we’re all determined to protect our children to the best of our abilities. That’s our job as parents and caregivers and we all take that responsibility very seriously.    
But how are we to know if we’ve really gone too far?  Certainly our safety-addicted friends at would never stage an intervention on our behalf.  Our spouses would rather walk across hot coals than incur our wrath by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, we’re being a bit too extreme.

So, who’s gonna give it to ya straight and tell you when it’s time to chillax?  Who’s gonna remind you that you can’t save the world and completely eradicate all injuries to children in MVCs – no matter how desperately you want to?  Who’s gonna tell you when it’s time to step away from that vehicle in the Walmart parking lot because clearly you’re not dealing with an appreciative and open-mined victim?

The *NEW* Britax Carseat Line


Marathon 70

When was the last time a carseat manufacturer redid their entire convertible line at once?  I don’t think it’s happened without a major internal manufacturer upheaval/company sale.  Britax has quietly redesigned their entire convertible line from the Roundabout to the Advocate and they’ve kept the same names to keep it easier for consumers to remember :} .  Here’s the press release and a video showing one of the cool new features called SafeCell™.

Hello from the Mediterranean


For those playing our latest contest, we’ve arrived and our first road trip was a relatively safe one!  Our taxi ride from the airport to our resort was in a newer Mercedez Benz full size van.  It had lap and shoulder belts with head restraints for 7 passengers and they had a useable booster seat, too.  I say “relatively” safe because taxi drivers here are no different than in Chicago or New York or probably anywhere.  Having one cellphone in each hand and two conversations going isn’t the safest way to travel lol, even if all the passengers are correctly restrained;-)  On the right you can see a shot of the interior.  Internet access with the local SIM card is slow, but it is working.  So, I hope to post the winning number within a few days.   If you’ve been waiting for hints, don’t wait too long!  Now keep in mind that van we had today doesn’t count for the contest, I won’t know what our official tour vehicle will be like until tomorrow! 

Did I mention the bar on the beach has Carlsbad on tap?  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Farewell Contest


So long- I’m outta here!  But I’m not leaving you without a contest 🙂

The prize?  A sporty CarseatBlog short-sleeve Polo.  It’s an XL, and perhaps even a little big for an XL, so be warned.  If it’s too big, give it to your hubby or maybe the friendly police/fire tech in your town or make a few bucks and put it up on Carseat Swap O’ Rama for someone else who might want it!  The winner should also receive a CarseatBlog keychain, provided they arrive in time!