Monthly Archive:: February 2010

Let’s Play: Guess the Strap!


Yesterday I was going through a storage box of misc CPS items searching for something and I realized that I have quite the collection of LBB shoulder belt adjuster straps.  I thought it might be fun to play a “guess the strap” game.  Unfortunately, I have nothing of value to offer the person who guesses them all correctly (unless they need one of these straps – LOL) so this game is just for fun.  And that’s assuming there are others who actually think weird stuff like this is “fun”.  Who knows, maybe I’m the only one and I really need to be banished to my own little Island of Misfit CPS Geeks.  But I digress….

To be fair, if the adjuster was marked anywhere with the name of the CR manufacturer – I’ve noted that on the sticky.   Some of them are pretty easy to guess and others are not.  You should be able to click on the pic for a better view.  Good luck!

A Little Giveaway


I’m still working on the Maxi Cosi Rodi XR review. It’s been pretty cold so I haven’t been real motivated to get pictures in the car!

For now, three Car-Seat.Org members can enter to win a forum subscription just by leaving a comment in response to this blog. The first member to reply will receive a 2-month Benefactor subscription/extension (current Supporters will be upgraded and extended). Of the remaining comments, two will be chosen at random to receive a 2-month Supporter subscription (or extension for current Supporters or Benefactors). Forum staff and Sponsors not eligible, sorry! You may only qualify for one subscription per forum account and the email you leave in your comment must match your account email address at Car-Seat.Org. If you are not a member, please be sure to register first before you leave a comment!