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Texting and Driving – When Will We Learn?


textingRecently we lost yet another life on our roadways. A 29 year old mother with her 3 year old daughter in the backseat rolled her minivan on the Interstate in NY after swerving into the median and then overcorrecting.  Mom didn’t survive.  Her child was airlifted to a local hospital with head injuries after being ejected from the vehicle (no mention of child restraint usage or non-usage).  Investigators believe the driver may have been texting just before the crash. 

Makes you wonder what it takes to get through to people, doesn’t it? And, as the above story illustrates, this isn’t just a problem with teenagers.  Many mature adults are just as guilty. So why do people insist on continuing this incredible risky behavior even though they know better?  

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Why Do You Do It?


volunteer with parentAs a tag onto Darren’s post the other day about CPS burnout, why do you do CPS?  What brought you into the field?

It’s a question I get fairly often at checkup events from parents: what made you decide to do this?  They find out that I’m not a police officer, I’m not a firefighter; nope, not EMS either.  Just a mom, who, for some crazy reason, decided to learn how to install carseats.  So why did I decide to take a 40 hour class on just carseats and seat belts and crash dynamics?

In Honor of Veteran’s Day


us-flagCarseatBlog would like to thank all of our veterans who have served our country as well as those who are still serving all over the world.  We appreciate the sacrifices they have made for all of us.  We also would like to thank their families, who support their loved ones always.