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The Second Bag ‘O ABC Fun Giveaway


It’s a tote bag.  It’s full of stuff.  Some stuff you will like.  Other stuff that may find its way into a drawer.  Some stuff is destined for the circular file.  If you are lucky, one or more of these extra stuffs will be thrown into the bag, but no guarantees!  All you have to do to enter is to reply with a comment!  One entry per person, if you leave more than one, only the first comment counts.  Winner selected at random on Wednesday!  Maybe our last winner from Facebook will post what she won and that will encourage [or dissuade] you from entering!  Good luck!

Finally ~ Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Carseat Review!


Combi Zeus 360The Zeus 360 is the newest convertible carseat from Combi and it replaces the original Zeus Turn model. It is currently available in Licorice or Chestnut fabrics. The Zeus 360 is rated from 5-33 lbs (and up to 36” tall) in the rear-facing position and from 20-40 lbs (and up to 40” tall) in the forward-facing position. Rear-facing you are allowed to use any of the 3 sets of harness slots as long as the harness height is at or below the child’s shoulders. Forward-facing you may use the middle or top harness slots as long as the harness height is at or above the child’s shoulders.

The Zeus 360 has many unique and innovate features but the most prominent is the 360 turn feature. This feature allows you to load and unload the child facing sideways (although the seat will be somewhat lopsided) and then swivel and lock the seat into either the rear or forward-facing position for travel. It’s also possible to load the child from the forward-facing position, then swivel the seat around and lock it in rear-facing – a feature that could be a saving grace for parents or caregivers with 2 door vehicles.