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Graco My Ride 65 Review Followup

Graco My Ride 65 40 Pound Rear Facing Limit

Graco My Ride 65 40-Pound Rear-Facing Limit

Heather has already done a full review of the Graco My Ride 65 convertible car seat.  It was a great overview and also very thorough, so I’m not going to repeat it with another full review.  Instead, I’m just going to add a few comments along with some photos and video.

Without a doubt, the 40 pound rear-facing weight limit is a very welcome increase.  Rear-facing provides the most crash protection in the most common and severe frontal and side impacts.  There is a stigma for a lot of parents regarding rear-facing.  Many have the impression that kids should be front-facing once they are 1 year and 20 pounds.  Even some physicians still give this obsolete advice, contrary to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Other parents just think their kids need to be front-facing for comfort or some other issue, or that turning front-facing is some sort of rite of passage or graduation award for being a year old.  Well, now there’s a reason why front-facing shouldn’t be a reward for many kids until they turn 4-years old!

A Bit about RVs


The dreaded day came.  The day dh said that he wanted to take the kids camping.  This brought dread to me for a couple of reasons: first, I’m not a camper.  I’ve been camping before, even RVing, and yeah, it’s fun for the first day until the mosquitoes start biting and you try to sleep through the cacophony of bugs buzzing and wild animals rooting around your campground.  And let’s not forget the sun rising at 4a.  Second, dh wanted to rend an RV.  Whoa!  Deep breath.  RVs are fun and provide a great home away from home when camping and traveling, but when you’re actually on the road, are they really safe for kids?

Turning 40 is No Picnic


No, we’re not talking about me this time, though I can attest that it was a little harder to turn 40 years old than I expected.  Here’s the topic for today:

When it comes to child passenger safety, graduations are usually not joyous events.  In many cases, every time a child reaches an important age, weight or height milestone, it means they will “graduate” to a type of child seat that provides less protection.