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My Goodness, My Guinness


Lifesavers isn’t all business.  Turns out, the law enforcement and traffic safety community does party quite a bit.  Well, you probably guessed that, but you might be surprised that the CPS community does, too.  In fact, a few carseat moms put back more Guinness than I did at our Car-Seat.Org reception last night (that ended up in Findley’s Irish Pub).  I’m not naming any names, but you know who you are!  Well over a dozen online advocates attended.  Most of us were seated just one table over from the collection of manufacturers representatives.  That was quite a fortunate coincidence, as it gave Heather and I an opportunity to beg for some carseat giveaways, after they’d let down their defenses from all the other beggars at the conference exhibits.  Stay tuned, as I think at least a couple nice giveaways will be forthcoming over the next few weeks!

Sad you couldn’t make it?  Don’t despair!  Start making plans for Philadelphia, April 11-13, 2010 for Lifesavers next year.  Even better, set aside August 11-13th, 2011, for what I hope will be the largest collection of online techs and advocates yet, the Kidz In Motion Conference in Orlando.  We may also make appearances at KIM 2009 and 2010 along with the ABC Kids Expo each fall in Vegas, but put the two above in your calendars now.

More to come from the show!

Lifesavers 2009 or Bust


Hey y’all from Nashville!  Lifesavers hasn’t officially begun, I don’t think–well, the opening session hasn’t rung in the festivities, but we CPS geeks have already had our first workshop and toured exhibit hall in search of stickers for our “passports.”

Our first session was the Latest Technology Workshop.  In the past, this has been split into 2 sessions and was known as the manufacturers’ workshops.  So, the manufacturers got up and presented their products, new and old.

Update on the Update


Two days ago some local instructors and I taugh a CPS update/refresher class for area technicians to earn CEUs (continuing education units) towards recertification.  With almost 40 technicians and 4 instructors, the classroom was at capacity.  The sheer size of the class was a bit cumbersome and our “using resources effectively” hands-on session took a long time because we had almost 20 teams.  Our little experiment didn’t exactly pan out the way we expected.  We had anticipated that teams with more resources would catch more mistakes and complete tasks more quickly than teams with little or no resources.  It didn’t quite work out that way.   

Watch CarseatBlog.Com Grow, With Your Support!


How can you support our Blog, you ask?  Well, obviously supporting our sponsors and purchasing through our affiliate Amazon and Google advertising links gives us a budget to buy drinks to sway potential new sponsors.  We’d also love you to send us huge amounts of cash in small, unmarked bills, too, but what we really need are more readers and more comments!

In our effort to woo sponsors and giveaway partners, the biggest thing that would help us is readership.   Our blog stats have grown nicely in the last 6 months.  We now have about 60 RSS feed subscribers.  We typically have about 500-800 page views each day, sometimes well over 1000 on popular topics.  We are approaching 10,000 unique visitors each month.  That’s still nowhere near as busy as the nearly 10,000 uniques a day on our forums at www.Car-Seat.Org, but still a nice steady improvement since we started blogging almost daily in July of 2008.