Monthly Archive:: February 2009

Carseat Gossip


Sometimes we get the inside scoop on something.  Maybe a new model coming to market, maybe a recall, maybe a clever accessory.  That’s great if we get to break the news.  It stinks when we have to keep it a secret.  On the other hand, when someone else gives up the secret inside goods, we’re all to happy to share it.

Just check out this blog for some great gossip on upcoming Britax products, including the Roundabout 50, the Marathon CSChaperone Infant seat and Parkway 120!  There’s also a new Blink stroller.  The Advocate is already announced and close to market.  We actually spilled the beans on that one last fall.  Aside from the Advocate, the other models are earlier in development.  So, all this information is very preliminary and intended for sales personnel to discuss with retail buyers.  If these products do make it to retail shelves, they may well have different features than what is listed.  In fact, I know that some of the things I heard about the Chaperone changed between a year ago and the ABC show last fall.  The same was true of some of the early Frontier information that made it out to retailers.

Still, like any gossip, it makes for interesting discussion;-)  Just don’t put aside buying a child restraint you need now for a feature that may not make it to release or a model that may not ever make it off the prototype shelf!

Need Statistics? How ’bout these?


I am always skeptical of statistics.  Plus, they make for a good blog when I have nothing that is actually interesting.  Many studies that look great in the conclusion (e.g. Doing this is 5 times safer than doing that!) are not quite as compelling when you read the whole thing.  Most statistics don’t even apply to me, because I don’t drive impaired or leave my kids unrestrained most of the time, as is the case with over half the children who die in car crashes.  Plus, I don’t drive an older sedan with minimal safety features and average crash ratings; I have a fairly new minivan that is probably among the safest vehicles on the road.  Few studies take into consideration what happens to kids who are properly restrained in newer vehicles; most just lump them in with the average.

That’s not necessarily so bad, after all, the people we really need to reach are those who don’t restrain their kids at all or don’t do it correctly.

Good News and Bad News


The good news is, I found it!  The bad news is that I found it under the mattress of our sleeper sofa.  My ring doesn’t slip off my finger.  I sometimes take it off in the bathroom to shower.  Every once in a while I take it off at night and put it on the nightstand.  This wasn’t even a spot where it could have fallen into the couch.  Plus, I found it along with a toy necklace and a missing wing nut to a drum stool.

No, I think I have ruled out the car key gnomes and kleptomaniac aliens I suspected in my previous blog.

This May Be a First for Woot


My dh has a strange obsession with Woot.  Per his normal nightly routine, tonight he checked Woot before shutting down his computer and I heard a shout-out, “Hey, check out Woot!”

Woot is selling the Recaro Como for $99 plus $5 shipping.  Can’t beat that if you’ve been looking for one.  Enjoy your deal, but shop fast since they sell only one item per day and once it’s gone, it’s gone.