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Seven Different Brand Names and Counting!


In the world of car seats, technicians need to know the names of the car seats with which they’re dealing.  We need to be able to identify seats so we can look them up on recall lists and to write them down on checklists for liability reasons.  It’s important to our jobs.  And sanity.

Dorel Vantage Point as Booster (Part VII – Combo Seat Review Series)


I’ve decided to document how various combination (harness/booster) seats fit my 4-year-old, 41 lb, 43″ tall son in booster mode.  He’s at the size where most parents would be switching from the 5-pt harness to the vehicle’s lap/shoulder belt in booster mode if they had a combination seat with a 40 lb limit on the harness.  In each case I’ll use the same seating position in my van – driver’s side captain’s chair in a 2005 Ford Freestar.     

The IIHS booster study compared the fit of various boosters using the 6-year-old Hybrid lll dummy who weighs 51.6 lbs (23.41 kg) and has a standing height of almost 45″.  I thought it would be even better to show belt fit on a child who was just over the 40 lb weight limit for the 5-pt harness.  I’ve decided to focus exclusively on combination seats because of their popularity.         

This week we’ll be looking at the Dorel (Cosco/Safety 1st/Eddie Bauer) Vantage Point as a booster.  This seat has also been sold as the Vantage Booster, Surveyor Booster, Comfort High Back Booster, Alpha Sport Vantage Booster and the Eddie Bauer Vantage High Back Booster.  It’s all the same seat – just different covers sold under different Dorel brand names. 

Diono Monterey Booster Review


Diono Monterey (Formerly Sunshine Kids Monterey): A Versatile Booster

Vehicle seat belts are designed to fit an average 160 lbs. man, not your average 4-10 year old child.  That’s why we have booster seats.  A booster seat raises the child up so that the lap portion of the lap/shoulder belt falls across the bony hips, not the soft, easily injured abdomen.  High back boosters, like the Sunshine Kids Monterey, have headrests with shoulder belt guides to keep the shoulder belt off the child’s neck.  Booster seats should always be used with a lap/shoulder seat belt.

Who should use this seat?

Diono (formerly Sunshine Kids) recommends this seat for children who are about 4-10 years old, weigh 30-120 lbs., and are between 38″ and 63″ tall.  The back can be removed and used for children who fit the same size specifications.  Some booster seats require a 40 lbs. minimum when switching to backless, but not the Monterey.  As a technician, I would never recommend a child under 40 lbs. use a backless booster.

Another Technology Review? Yes, The Samsung X460 Notebook


As it turns out, Child Passenger Safety is a pretty narrow topic for a blog.  It’s hard to be creative and come up with a new topic every day that isn’t a rehash of an old one.  So, we occasionally mix in parenting issues, other child related products (especially if someone sends us one for review!) and sometimes just whatever is on our mind.  I intended to write a quick overview of the Samsung X460-44G for a notebook forum, but it turned into a longer review so I figured I might as well make it a blog.  Everyone reading has a computer and many probably have laptops, so maybe it will help someone.  It’s a hair more technical than the last one, so apologies in advance to everyone looking for today’s CPS fix.

I know.  I just bought a Samsung NC10 netbook.  It didn’t quite do the trick.  So, I pulled the trigger on a Samsung X460 44G shortly after I discovered a rebate deal earlier this week.  It was a close call vs. the Lenovo U330 that I had been considering for a while.  Both had similar features for nearly the same price.  Both weigh about the same.  I went with the Samsung for a few reasons.  Good overall reviews, included recovery DVDs, Vista Business and respectable battery life reports.

Mine is the X460-44G with the P7350 processor.