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And Now for Something Completely Different


I lose wedding bands.  Two so far.  I take them off to shower.  Sometimes I take them off during the night when they itch.  Maybe one of my kids grabs it.  Maybe it was flushed down the toilet.  Maybe the cat eats it.  Car key gnomes.  Kleptomaniac aliens.  Quite possibly just a classic case of common Y-Chromosome syndrome.

Whatever the cause, I was glad I hadn’t purchased the Platinum band I really wanted and opted instead for 18k white Gold both previous times.  Even so, Gold prices have gone up a lot since I replaced my original band.  My wife thinks I should just not even bother at this point, but I deem it necessary to have a symbol of our undying love and affection with me at all times.  I also want to shop for a new one…

So, Platinum is out.  White Gold is now too pricey to risk losing a third one, too.  Is there something less expensive?  Titanium is all the rage in watches and jewelry.  Stainless steel sounds cheesy but may be durable and cheap.  Aluminum beer can ring tabs are too hard to find these days.  No, none of these were for me.  I found something that appears to be impervious to scratches and only cost me $30.  Enter, Cobalt free Tungsten Carbide!

Though I got the wrong size initially, Sabrina Silver swapped it without a hassle.  The new one is shiny and apparently much more resistant to scratches than my white gold ones.  Hopefully, I won’t need to be a repeat customer, but now I can just search Carseatblog a few years from now when I can’t remember where I got the last one!

SafeGuard Child Seat – A Connoisseur’s Delight


ConnoisseurOne who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties.

For many years I have considered myself a Connoisseur of fine Child Restraints.  To those who aren’t into Child Passenger Safety, that probably sounds just as weird as proclaiming to be a Geeky Carseat Freak, but I really do revel in all the small details that go into a well-made seat.   

Such is the case with the SafeGuard Child Seat.  I’ll admit, it didn’t blow my socks off as soon as I took it out of the box.  But honestly, you can’t fully appreciate something like this right out of the box.  Especially since there are no cutesy or uber-plush covers here that could make you squeal with delight at first glance.  What there is, however, is an extremely innovative, solid, well thought-out and highly-engineered child restraint.  

Darren already has a full review of the SafeGuard Child Seat here so I won’t bother to reinvent the wheel.  However, I’d like to add my own thoughts and some additional pictures so here it goes…

Lessons from US Air Flight 1549


It seems apparent from the interview with Matt Lauer today that at least one baby on board US Air flight 1549 was a “lap baby”.

This is one lucky little kid.  The male passenger sitting next to the mother offered to “brace” the unrestrained baby for impact and she handed him over.  I’m not sure what he did but he deserves credit for doing something right because the baby appears uninjured during today’s interview with his parents.

Now, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t think parents should count on the intuitions of the guy seated next to them to protect their children in a crash.  Sure, you could get lucky (this mother and child surely did) but I wouldn’t take those odds to Vegas.  Especially not when there’s practically a sure thing – an FAA approved carseat.  

Ask Marvin #13: Marvin Needs Your Vote Again


Dear Marvin,

I used to love the forums at Car-Seat.Org.  No, not the “upstairs” forums where I should be helping answer questions from parents who need advice on keeping their kids safe.  You know, those other forums you get to see once you’ve been a member a while.  The ones where you used to be able to troll to your heart’s content and post stuff just to get a rise out of people.

Now, the evil moderators are taking all the fun out of it.  They’ve banned topics.  They close down any thread the moment there’s a hint of discontent.  They seem to have their fingers on the infraction trigger, ready to fire as soon as anything is reported.  The forums are soooo boring without drama.  How can I make some without being banned?


Gina Blue