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Big Britax Bargain Blowout Bonanza


It’s no secret that we like Britax and we like deals on Britax seats even more.  A number of their models are included on our favorites lists and our Recommended Car Seats List.  We’ve also reviewed the Frontier and the Boulevard CS.  Starting tomorrow, February 1st, Britax is holding another sales event!  If you’re in the market for a Britax seat, please check out the deals at our affiliate store Amazon.Com and at our sponsor, Kids-N-Kribs.Com.  This sale ends February 15th, so don’t wait too long!  Models will be marked down up to a 20% discount off normal prices!  I’m told the Britax Marathon will be under $230, the Boulevard under $260, the Boulevard CS under $280 and the Regent under $210!



It’s happened again.  The PTA ladies have come a-callin’.  Only this time they have my email address and my good friend down the street is heavily involved, so I can’t escape.  Or can I?  Hide me-please!



Sometimes we do a review even without having been provided a sample for this purpose (but we really like samples!).  Usually, it would have to be something pretty good or at least something people can buy through our Amazon store😉 Last year, I happened upon a nice offer at the Car-Seat.Org forums.  I bought one, mostly for my wife.  That’s because I really didn’t drink coffee, except for a Mocha Valencia at Starbucks now and then.  That’s really more of a dessert to me, since after the whipping cream, chocolate and orange, there probably isn’t a whole lot of coffee going on.  Worst case, if it was junk, I’d only be out shipping.

Turns out, the Senseo has become the only appliance that has earned a spot on our counter top, aside from the toaster oven. 

Cheap gasoline. Have we learned our lesson?


Generally speaking, we Americans are a gluttonous bunch.  We eat too much, buy too much crap that we don’t need, generate mountains of waste and use way too much of the world’s energy resources.  It was obviously going to take something very drastic to make us change even a few of our wicked, wicked ways.