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Marvin’s Giveaway Corner


Marvin is on hiatus from “Ask Marvin”, at least until inspiration strikes.  Please feel free to send your ideas or questions to marvin “at” carseatblog “dot” com or send him a PM!  Until then, Marvin hopes to continue with some free giveaways.

Must…. resist…. please help me!


Hello.  My name is Kecia and I have a serious problem.  I find it nearly impossible to resist a good deal on anything carseat related.  The worst part of this problem is that half of the time I buy things that I don’t actually need.  Sometimes I buy things that I don’t even want!  My friends are no help whatsoever since they tend to be as bad as I am. 

Today is the perfect example.  Britax has a couple of their covers on clearance for $25!  They don’t have anything on sale that I really want or need – so why am I having such a hard time resisting?  Yes, Ashley Floral is my favorite girly MA cover but I don’t have a MA and I don’t have any girls!  I do have a Husky and a Regent but I never really cared for the Sahara cover. So why, why, why do I have  an Ashley Floral and a Sahara cover in my shopping cart???  Help!  Someone talk me down – PLEASE!     

Mandatory Car Seat Checkpoints


I participated in a mandatory car seat checkpoint early Wednesday morning.  The police pick a part of town where they feel there’s a problem with misuse/nonuse of child restraints, set up a road block, and send every vehicle with a car seat into a parking lot where eager child passenger safety technicians wait to tackle the fun stuff.  As much as I enjoy doing what I do, I can’t say I was too eager since we needed to be there before 6:45a (I usually roll out of bed mumbling not-so-nice words at around 7:10a) and I squeaked into the parking lot just before 7a.

Ask Marvin: Marathon Misprice Madness & Giveaway


Marvin missed you all on Monday.  So, today, Marvin answers one of hundreds of questions pouring in about Target’s recent fiasco with mispriced Marathons.

“Hi Marv.  Did you get one of those $42 Britax Marathons?  Please tell us you did and will be giving some away in a contest!  Can you believe Target cancelled my order? I am so p1$&3D! – Signed, Peeved Pamela”