Britax HighpointNuna AaceUPPAbaby ALTA
Carseat NameHighpointNuna AaceALTA
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IIHS Best Bet Booster
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Available in Canada
BPB Weight Limits40-120 lbs.30-110 lbs.40-100 lbs.
BPB Height Limits38-63 in.38-60 in.38-57 in.
Age Limitsn/a4+ yearsNo min. listed in manual, but UPPAbaby recommends to CarseatBlog that children be at least 5-6 years old and mature enough to stay properly seated in a booster
Requires vehicle head support behind booster
Type of Energy-Absorbing FoamEPPEPS foamEPP
Carseat NameHighpointNuna AaceALTA
How Many Belt Guide Positions?1097
Lowest Belt Guide Measurement15.75 in.13.5 in.14.75 in.
Highest Belt Guide Measurement23 in.21 in.22 in.
Carseat NameHighpointNuna AaceALTA
Booster ModesHighback onlyHighback/backlessHighback
Inside Shoulder Width14 in.15 in.13.5 in.
Inside Hip Width11.5 in.12 in.13 in.
Inside Knee Width13.75 in.
Inside Seat Depth14 in.14 in.14 in.
Inside Seat Height31.75 in.29.5 in.
External Widest Point20.75 in.21.5 in.18.5 in.
External Width at Buckle15 in.17 in.
Seat Weight12.1 lbs.15.5 lbs.16 lbs.
Carseat NameHighpointNuna AaceALTA
Number of Recline Positions18
Can Be Installed with LATCH Connectors and/or Tether?
Type of LATCH ConnectorsPush-onRigidRigid
Non-standard LATCH Policy (can “borrow” LATCH anchors)Permitted only in designated LATCH positionsPermitted only in designated LATCH positionsNo
Inflatable Seat Belt PolicyNot allowedNot allowedRefer to vehicle owner’s manual
Carseat NameHighpointNuna AaceALTA
Cover Removal/InstallationEasyEasyEasy; base cover zips on/off
Cover Washing InstructionsHand wash in cold water and line dry.Machine wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry.Machine wash and hang to dry
Expiration10 years10 years10 years
Crash GuidelinesFollow NHTSA crash guidelinesReplace after any crashReplace after any crash
FAA Certified?
CommentsCup holders are optional if space is neededUPPAbaby provides a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all their carseats and boosters if you register them within 3 months of purchase
O Canada
Manufacturing CountryChinaChina
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