Diono Radian 3RXTGraco 4Ever
Carseat NameRadian 3RXT4Ever
CarseatBlog Recommended SeatYes
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IIHS Best Bet Booster
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Available in Canada
RF Weight Limits5-45 lbs.4-40 lbs.
RF Height LimitsUp to 44 in. with at least 1.5 in. of shell above head1″ below top of headrest
FF Weight Limits20-65 lbs.20-65 lbs.
BPB Weight Limits50-120 lbs.Highback: 30-100 lbs., 38-57 in.
Backless: 40-120 lbs., 40-57 in.
Age Limitsn/a
Type of Energy-Absorbing FoamEPS foamEPS foam
Carseat NameRadian 3RXT4Ever
No Re-thread Harness?
Number of harness height positions510
Bottom/Lowest Harness Slot9 in.7 in.
2nd Harness Slot or Highest Harness Slot10.5 in.18 in.
3rd Harness Slot12 in.
4th Harness Slot15 in.
5th Harness Slot17 in.
Highest BPB Shoulder Belt Guide18.75 in.
Booster ModesHighbackHighback/backless
Closest Buckle Slot3.5 in.5 in.
2nd Buckle Slot5.5 in.7 in.
3rd Buckle Slot7 in.
Special Buckle Routing for Small Babies
Carseat NameRadian 3RXT4Ever
Inside Shoulder Width14 in.13 in.
Inside Hip Width13 in.
Inside Knee Width14.5 in.
Inside Seat Depth13 in.12 in.
Inside Seat Height28.5 in.
External Widest Point17 in.19.5 in.
Seat Weight27 lbs.23 lbs.
Carseat NameRadian 3RXT4Ever
Recline Indicator StyleNoneBubble
Recline Indicator LocationOn side of seat
Number of RF Recline Positions13
Number of FF Recline Positions23
Has Anti-Rebound Bar or RF Tether?
RF Lockoff
FF Lockoff
Type of LATCH ConnectorsSuperLATCHPush-on
RF LATCH connectors/belt path are separate from RF seat belt/belt path
FF LATCH connectors/belt path are separate from FF seat belt/belt path
LATCH Weight Limit35 lbs. rear-facing, 40 lbs. forward-facing42 lbs.
Non-standard LATCH Policy (can “borrow” LATCH anchors)Permitted if allowed by vehicle manufacturer and the bars are between 11″ and 14” apartPermitted if allowed by vehicle manufacturer and the bars are at least 11″ apart
Inflatable Seat Belt PolicyAllowedNot allowed in harness mode; allowed in booster mode.
Carseat NameRadian 3RXT4Ever
Cover Removal/InstallationEasyEasy
Cover Washing InstructionsHand wash and air dryMachine wash and air dry
Expiration10 years10 years
Crash GuidelinesReplace after any crashReplace after any crash
FAA Certified?
CommentsSee our review for why CarseatBlog doesn’t recommend the RXT as a booster
O Canada22-65 lbs. FF
Manufacturing CountryChinaChina
CarseatBlog.com ReviewRadian 3RXT Review4Ever Review
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Price or MSRP$299.99$299.00