Safe Traffic System Ride Safer Travel Vest Type 3
Carseat NameRide Safer Travel Vest Type 3
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IIHS Best Bet Booster
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FF Weight LimitsSm: 30-60 lbs.
Lg: 50-80 lbs.
BPB Weight Limits
Age LimitsSm: 3-6 years
Lg: 5-8 years
Type of Energy-Absorbing Foam
Carseat NameRide Safer Travel Vest Type 3
No Re-thread Harness?
Number of harness height positions
Bottom Harness Slot or Lowest Harness Slot
2nd Harness Slot or Highest Harness Slot
3rd Harness Slot
4th Harness Slot
Highest Belt Guide in Booster Mode
Booster Modesn/a
Closest Buckle Slot
2nd Buckle Slot
3rd Buckle Slot
Carseat NameRide Safer Travel Vest Type 3
Inside Shoulder Width
Inside Hip Width
Inside Knee Width
Inside Seat Depth
Inside Seat Height
External Widest Point
Seat Weight1 lb.
Carseat NameRide Safer Travel Vest Type 3
Number of FF Recline Positions
FF Lockoff
Type of LATCH Connectors
LATCH connectors/belt path are separate from seat belt/belt path
LATCH Weight Limit
Non-standard LATCH Policy
Inflatable Seat Belt PolicyAllowed with retrofit shoulder belt guide. Contact customer service.
Carseat NameRide Safer Travel Vest Type 3
Cover Removal/Installation
Cover Washing InstructionsSpot clean only
ExpirationVests manufactured between 2003-9/2013: no expiration
Vests manufactured after 9/2013: 10 years
Crash GuidelinesContact customer service
FAA Certified?
O Canada
Manufacturing Country
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