~Britax Chaperone (discontinued)
Carseat NameChaperone (discontinued)
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Available atdiscontinued
Available in Canada
RF Weight Limits4-30 lbs.
RF Height Limits32 in. or less
Type of Energy-Absorbing FoamEPS foam
Carseat NameChaperone (discontinued)
No Re-thread Harness
Number of harness height positions7
Bottom/Lowest Harness Slot6.5 in. w/o insert, 5.25 in. w/ low birthweight insert
2nd Harness Slot or Highest Harness Slot11 in.
3rd Harness Slot
Top Harness Slot
Closest Buckle Slot4 in.
2nd Buckle Slot5 in.
3rd Buckle Slot
Special Buckle Routing for Small Babies
Carseat NameChaperone (discontinued)
Inside Hip Width9 in.
Inside Seat Depth12.5 in.
Inside Seat Height20 in.
External Widest Point18.5 in.
Carrier Weight10.2 lbs.
# of Handle Positions3
Carseat NameChaperone (discontinued)
Can Be Installed without Base?
Can Be Installed without Base Euro Style?
Recline Indicator StyleBubble
Recline Indicator LocationOn both sides of carrier
Manuf. Allowed # of RF Recline PositionsVariable
# of Recline Adjustments on Base
Anti-Rebound Bar?
Load Leg?
RF Lockoff?
Type of LATCH ConnectorsPush-on
LATCH connectors/belt path are separate from seat belt/belt path
Non-standard LATCH Policy (can “borrow” LATCH anchors)Permitted if allowed by vehicle manufacturer and the bars are between 11″ and 20” apart
Inflatable Seat Belt PolicyLATCH is the preferred method of installation. If LATCH is not an option, open lockoff and thread lap belt only through leaving shoulder belt against seat back. Tighten lap belt and close lockoff.
Carseat NameChaperone (discontinued)
Cover Removal/Install.
Cover Washing Instructions
Expiration6 years
Crash GuidelinesFollow NHTSA crash guidelines
FAA Certified?
O Canada
Made inChina
CarseatBlog.com ReviewChaperone Review
Available Atdiscontinued
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