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We Have a Via Winner!


Thank you for all of the fabulous car seat safety tips you gave to enter the Learning Curve First Years Via giveaway!  I’m impressed!  I thought about using Random.org to generate a random number to pick a winner, but instead I decided to startle  my ds by shouting at him to pick a number between 1 and 42 (the number of valid comments we received).  As he was doing his homework this afternoon, I shouted at him to choose a number and write it down on our whiteboard.  Without further ado, here’s the winner:

 Learning Curve The First Years Via winner


Congratulations!  Expect an email shortly 🙂 .

The Viral Video


In an extremely graphic PSA video gone viral out of Wales, Great Britain, teens are shown texting, driving, and crashing.  The results are disastrous and hard to watch, yet they must be seen if you’ve ever been tempted to text while driving.  That such a video can make such an impact around the world in just a few days shows the impact of our technology and yet it’s our technology and the way we use it that’s causing these horrible problems.  According to CNN.com (Deadly Distracted Driving ), a drunk driver is 4 times more likely to crash while a texting driver is 8 times more likely to crash.  Whoa!  You mean that innocent little text I sent to my best friend saying that I’m running late meant that I was 8 times more likely to crash?  You bet.  How many times have you seen a vehicle weaving in and out of a lane, only to come up next to it and find out that the driver is too busy with the cell phone to even notice the light is green?  Personally, I stay far behind those cars.  But sometimes you can’t control your safety.  What if you take public transportation?  What if your bus driver or train operator is texting?

Darren’s niece, Britanny, wrote a guest blog for us last year on the dangers of text messaging while driving, comparing it to drunk driving.  I think it’s an apt comparison and I believe the statistics given to us by CNN.com.  Think about it—unless you’re texting while drunk, at least when you’re drunk you are looking at the road.  Hopefully.

I wonder what outrageously stupid piece of technology will be available next to distract us from driving?

Babies R Us Great Trade In Event and 10% Off Car Seats


Here’s a chance to trade-in your old baby stuff and get a nice discount on new stuff!

Get 20% off NEW Baby Gear or Cribs, when you bring in any used items (exclusions apply) at BabiesRUs.com. Offer good 8.28 to 9.20

Here’s another offer good for car seats:

Save 10% on ALL Car Seats at BabiesRUs.com. Offer good 8.28.09 to 9.17.09

The ABC Kids Expo


CarseatBlog is going to Vegas again this year!  In just a couple weeks, we will be reporting on the latest and greatest from all the child safety seat manufacturers.  We’ll only be there for a couple days, but we’ll try to get the scoop on other cool safety and kids’ products, too.  We already have a appointments with most of the carseat manufacturers and we will be doing a “live” blog or two from exhibits and press conferences, too.

If you are a retailer or manufacturer and would like to meet with us, please send me an email to cpsdarren “at” carseatblog “dot” com.  Or use our contact form.  We’d love to discuss samples for product reviews, sponsorships, giveaway promotions, news releases and just about any other type of business we might have in common!  We will be at the show on Sunday and Monday this year, but might also be able to arrange other times if necessary.