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The SeatBelt Song!


Our first ABC bag giveaway winner will be selected a bit later today.  In the mean time, I completely forgot to mention that the Leeny and Tamara CDs we will be including in some of our gift bag giveaways includes the song, “Put on My Seat Belt.”   They’ve kindly allowed us to include the song here (click the link below to hear it).  Enjoy!

Leeny and Tamara: Put On My Seat Belt


Some ABC Kids Giveaway Extras


Over the next few weeks, we will have a number of tote bag giveaways with trinkets we accumulated from the ABC Kids Expo.  The contents will vary, but there are a couple items that may find a home in more than one of our giveaway bags.  Sign up to follow us on Twitter or be our fan on Facebook by Monday, 9/28/09, and you will be entered for the first one!

The first few tote bags have a sponsor, Leeny and Tamara.  They have graciously supplied us with a few CDs of kids songs to include in our goody bag giveaways!  Please check out their website for details!

Plus, a few of our upcoming giveaway bags will also feature a fancy keychain with CarseatBlog on one side and Car-Seat.Org on the other.  It’s no ordinary keychain, it’s a fancy seatbelt that detaches into two parts!


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Nothing is ours to keep


1st day kindergartenSending your children off on the first day of Kindergarten is never easy.  I don’t think it matters if it’s your first, fourth, only or last “baby”.  Today was the first day of school in my district and my “baby” was going to Kindergarten.  I worried that he would freak out at the bus stop when it was time to get on.  After all, this was the same child who refused to go to preschool because he wouldn’t leave my side.  The same child who insists on going grocery shopping with me every single time because he’ll “miss me too much” if he stays home with his dad.  But there were no tears today, no last minute frantic hugs – not even a single glance back as he climbed aboard the big yellow bus with his new Met’s backpack and smelling of his father’s cologne (yes, he wanted to wear cologne!).  He was ready. 

Now I sit here in a quiet house with mixed emotions.  This house has been so loud and so crazy all summer long with tons of kids in and out constantly.  I’ve been desperate for some peace and quiet the last few weeks.  I guess it’s true what they say – be careful what you wish for.

I’d like to share an article that was written many years ago by a wonderful journalist and newspaper editor who is sadly no longer with us.  Mike Levine was the kind of talented journalist that other talented journalists aspire to become.  Every year my local daily newspaper runs Mike’s column about the first day of school.  For me, reading his words year after year have become part of the ritual.  Today I’d like to share some of that ritual with all of you.

“Quick, before they leave this morning. Take a good look. Touch their faces, run your hands through their hair.

We got antsy with them last month, but now we want time to stand still. Like falling leaves and chilly mornings, some great force signals us today. We are aware of life passing…. ” http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090902/NEWS/909019984