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Doing It All Wrong for Almost 10 Years!


And I’ve been a technician for 8 ½ years and an instructor for 3 years!  How can I show my face in public again?  How can I possibly go on professionally?  What is it that I’ve done, you ask?  What could be so horrible?  You’re probably guessing at this point that I’ve been putting a locking clip on a lap-only belt (Hey!  I’m the one with the locking clips web page!).  Nope, not that one.  Nor have I been installing restraints with the clip-on style LATCH connectors upside down.  Nope.

The SeatBelt Song!


Our first ABC bag giveaway winner will be selected a bit later today.  In the mean time, I completely forgot to mention that the Leeny and Tamara CDs we will be including in some of our gift bag giveaways includes the song, “Put on My Seat Belt.”   They’ve kindly allowed us to include the song here (click the link below to hear it).  Enjoy!

Leeny and Tamara: Put On My Seat Belt


Some ABC Kids Giveaway Extras


Over the next few weeks, we will have a number of tote bag giveaways with trinkets we accumulated from the ABC Kids Expo.  The contents will vary, but there are a couple items that may find a home in more than one of our giveaway bags.  Sign up to follow us on Twitter or be our fan on Facebook by Monday, 9/28/09, and you will be entered for the first one!

The first few tote bags have a sponsor, Leeny and Tamara.  They have graciously supplied us with a few CDs of kids songs to include in our goody bag giveaways!  Please check out their website for details!

Plus, a few of our upcoming giveaway bags will also feature a fancy keychain with CarseatBlog on one side and Car-Seat.Org on the other.  It’s no ordinary keychain, it’s a fancy seatbelt that detaches into two parts!


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