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Britax Advocate G4.1

Advocate G4 Review HERE


Britax B-Safe 35

B-Safe 35 Review HERE

Britax B-Safe 35 - Stock red


Britax Boulevard G4.1

Boulevard Review HERE

BV G4 

Britax Roundabout G4.1

Britax Roundabout Review HERE

Britax Roundabout G4 - silverlake

Britax Frontier ClickTight

Frontier 90 Review HERE

Frontier 90

Britax Marathon G4.1

Marathon Review HERE



Britax Pinnacle ClickTight

Pinnacle Review HERE

Britax Pinnacle 90- Manhattan

Diono Radian RXT

RadianRXT Review HERE

Radian RXT - shadow

Diono Rainier

Rainier Review HERE

Rainier Orchid

Diono Olympia

Olympia Review HERE

Diono Olympia - Graphite

Evenflo SecureKid LX

SecureKid Review HERE

Evenflo SecureKid LX - Kohl

Evenflo SureRide


Evenflo Symphony DLX/Elite

Symphony Review HERE

Graco Argos 65


Graco MyRide 65 LX

MyRide Review HERE

Graco MyRide - coda

Graco Nautilus

Nauti Matrix

Graco Size4Me

Size4Me Review HERE


Graco Click Connect SnugRide 40

SnugRide 40 Review HERE


Graco TurboBooster with Safety Surround

Graco Turbo safety surround - stock green

Recaro Performance SPORT 

Performance Sport Review HERE


Recaro Performance BOOSTER 

Performance Booster Review HERE


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2015 Britax G4.1 Convertibles and ClickTight Convertibles Comparison


Britax logo Greetings from the ABC Kids Expo! We knew our readers would be interested in comparison photos of the 2015 Britax G4.1 convertibles and the new ClickTight convertibles.


G4.1 Convertible Updates: 

Lower LATCH anchor limits will change

  • Roundabout G4.1, Marathon G4.1 and Blvd G4.1 – Rear-facing up to 40 lbs. (unchanged from current G4 models); Forward-facing up to 50 lbs. with LATCH (after that you must use seatbelt to install seat)
  • Advocate G4.1 – Rear-facing up to 40 lbs (unchanged from current G4 models); Forward-facing up to 45 lbs. with LATCH (after that you must use seatbelt to install seat)

SafeCell branding: Roundabout & Marathon will be “Complete”; Boulevard “Complete Plus”; Advocate “Complete Max”

Shorter tether strap length (extenders will be available for rare cases where strap isn’t long enough to reach tether anchor)

Boulevard G4.1 and Boulevard ClickTight:

Pictured below are the 2015 Britax Boulevard G4.1 (red) and the new Britax Boulevard ClickTight (green).

Britax G4 and ClickTight  Britax G4 vs ClickTight front

Britax G4 vs ClickTight back to back  Britax G4 vs ClickTight side

Britax G4 vs ClickTight top 2  Britax G4 vs ClickTight top

As you can see the shape of the shell is different but overall the new ClickTight Boulevard isn’t wider than the current Boulevard G4 model.

Quick Comparison of G4, G4.1 and ClickTight Specs:

All Britax convertibles (G4, G4.1 and CT models) are rated from 5-40 lbs. rear-facing

G4 and G4.1 models are outgrown rear-facing by height once the child’s head is 1″ from the top of the shell (not the headwings)

All ClightTight models are outgrown rear-facing by height once the child’s head is 1″ from the top of the headwings (Note: Boulevard  CT and Advocate CT models are taller than the Marathon CT model)

All Britax convertibles (with the exception of Roundabout) are rated from 20-65 forward-facing and up to 49″ tall.

ClightTight models have taller top harness slots than G4 and G4.1 models.

Finally, an update to our earlier previews with a forward-facing ClickTight installation.  (Rear-facing install shown in our previews linked below)

For more detailed info on the new ClightTight convertibles see our comprehensive Boulevard CT review and our previous posts on the subject:

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Review – Sometimes Things Just Click

Rear-Facing Space Comparison: Britax G4 Convertibles vs. New Britax ClickTight Convertibles

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Order Britax ClickTight convertibles at Albee Baby

Mythbusting: Shopping Cart Safety – is it safe to put an infant carseat on top of cart?


Myth: Infant carseats placed on a shopping cart – so many parents do this so it must be safe, right?

Next time you’re standing on that wiggly kitchen stool, changing yet another lightbulb…don’t forget what Sir Isaac taught us. So what do you think—does gravity find babies attractive, too? Ten pounds of feathers, ten pounds of bricks, or ten pounds of baby—gravity doesn’t discriminate.


Last year, a Home Depot employee was launched to notoriety when his quick actions saved an infant from a three-foot tumble off of the top of a shopping cart. Unfortunately, not all babies have a guardian angel looking out for them. The Internet is full of stories from parents and on-lookers about children falling from carts. In 2011, a three month old infant died after falling from a shopping cart. Since we know that carseats save lives, it’s easy to understand why some parents believe that their children are also protected when their infant seats are place on the top of a shopping cart. And while videos of people pouring ice water over their heads to avoid donating to charity explode on the Internet, stories like Kristin Auger’s barely garner public attention.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.01.26 PMAccording to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics):

It is more common than most people think for children to be hurt in shopping carts. These injuries can be severe or even deadly. Each year approximately 23,000 children are treated in hospital emergency departments for injuries from shopping carts. Most injuries are caused by falls from the cart or by the cart tipping over. Many injuries are to the head and neck.

Additionally, researchers in British Columbia collected 5 years of child restraint-related injury data, published in this 2008 Pediatrics International article. While this article was intended to address carseat misuse, it does so in the context of out-of-vehicle use. The authors concluded that “among all infants, falls were a common mechanism of injury resulting from CRS misuse” and urged for preventative efforts to help educate parents and caregivers on out-of-vehicle child restraint injuries. In this study, 6% of subjects had been injured in falls from shopping carts…all of which were completely preventable.

This Myth is …BUSTED!

Watch the shocking Home Depot video where not only does the carseat tip from the cart, but the infant wasn’t buckled in the carseat:

Super Extended Rear-Facing Carseats: ERF to the MAX

The Best Extended RF Convertible and All-In-One Carseats with the Highest Rear-Facing Weight and Height Limits

Want to keep your child rear-facing until 2 years for safety?  Almost any current convertible carseat in the USA will allow that for most kids.  A decade ago, Extended Rear Facing meant keeping a baby rear-facing beyond 1 year AND 20 pounds.  Britax set the trend of ERF convertibles over 10 years ago with the original Britax Marathon and Wizard that allowed kids to remain rear-facing well beyond 2-years old.  Today, other models have set the bar even higher.

Here are some of the top contenders for Super-ERF carseats that have among the highest weight and/or height limits in the USA.  They can all accommodate even the tallest and heaviest kids rear-facing beyond 2 years old and many kids rear-facing until 3, 4 or even 5 years old.  These aren’t the only great ERF carseats; we update our complete list of rear-facing convertible carseat height and weight limits periodically.  In no particular order:

Britax Boulevard CT

Britax Boulevard ClickTight, currently under $300 at  Britax has a super-easy seatbelt install system on their latest convertible carseat.  Check out our review of the Boulevard CT.  While only a 40-pound weight limit rear-facing, the shell height is around 28.5″ tall and along with a 44″ standing height limit, that makes it effectively the tallest rear-facing model available at the time of this update in terms of seated torso height.  Early models included a tether for rear-facing use.  The Advocate CT has identical rear-facing limits.



Diono Rainier

Diono Rainier, currently around $300 at  Diono’s newest upscale all-in-one carseat.  Check out our review of the Diono Rainier.  Along with the Clek convertibles, it offers an industry-leading 50 pounds rear-facing limit for kids up to 44″ standing height.  The shell is only a hair over 25″ in torso height, however, and will be outgrown by tall kids before competitive models.  Includes a tether that can be used rear-facing to reduce rebound.  The Diono Pacifica has similar ratings. The Diono Olympia and slightly narrower Diono Radian RXT have a 45-pound rear-facing weight limit and similar rear-facing height limits as well.


Clek Foonf

The Clek Foonf, currently starting around $449 at  It matches Diono’s Rainier with a 50 pound rear-facing weight limit, but has a slightly narrower profile and an anti-rebound bar.  A taller 26.5″ shell and a slightly higher rear-facing seated height limit than the Diono models, but a slightly shorter 43″ standing height limit. Please see our full review of the Foonf.  The newer Clek Fllo has similar ratings and is less expensive.



Graco Extend2Fit

Graco Extend2Fit for $199 or less at Amazon, Target or Walmart. It has the highest rear-facing weight limit of Graco’s convertible line-up at 50 pounds and has 4 rear-facing recline settings. A 27″ shell height with a height limit of an inch below the gray adjustment handle gives plenty of growth room. Perhaps the biggest feature is the 4-position extendable tray for leg room. Deluxe push-on LATCH connectors and a 10 year lifespan give the Extend2Fit make this seat a true competitor. Read our review of the Extend2Fit here.



Graco Size4Me 65

Graco Size4Me 65, around $150 at  A more typical 40-pound rear-facing weight limit, but is among the taller usable rear-facing seated height limits on the market with a 27.5″ shell.  Here is CarseatBlog’s full review of the Size4Me (Previously known as the Size4Me 70).  The Graco Headwise 65, Graco MySize65 and Graco Fit4Me 70 have similar ratings.  All are great values for Super Extended Rear-Facing.



Graco 4Ever

Graco 4Ever, around $300 at  A more typical 40-pound rear-facing weight limit, but is among the taller usable rear-facing seated height limits on the market with a 27.5″ shell.  An all-in-one seat, it also converts to a high-back and backless booster.  Here is CarseatBlog’s full review of the 4Ever.  The Graco Milestone (convertible + high back booster) has similar rear-facing ratings.




Safety1st Grow&Go EX

Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air 3-in-1 for $199 and Advance EX 65 Air+, on sale at $119 at BabiesRUs.  Two carseats with an industry-leading 50 pound weight limit rear-facing, plus a ~28″ shell that offers a seated height limit similar to the Britax Boulevard ClickTight.  With a 49″ standing height limit, they will fit most kids beyond 4 years old rear-facing.  On the downside, they are among the larger models on the market and may not work well in smaller vehicles.




Evenflo SureRide

Honorable Mention (Value):  With a 26.5″ shell, the Evenflo SureRide is a bit taller than average, but it definitely isn’t one the tallest seats on the market, and the 40 pound weight limit is average.  But at around $100, or under $80 on sale, it’s an inexpensive way to keep your child rear-facing for at least a few years.  The Graco Contender 65 fits kids a little taller for $100 to $120 on sale making it another great budget pick.

Updated March 21, 2016