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2016 Carseat and Stroller Preview: What’s New, Improved & Coming Soon from Baby Trend, Britax, Chicco, Clek, Combi, Cybex, Doona, Dorel, Evenflo & GB!


There is too much info to cover in one article so here is Part 1 of our complete 2015 ABC Expo tradeshow experience! Well… mostly complete. Some things really must stay in Vegas. 😉

Part 2 of our show coverage can be found HERE and includes updates on Graco/Baby Jogger, Hauck/iCoo, Lil Fan, Maxi-Cosi, Mifold, Mima, Nuna, Orbit, Peg Perego, Recaro & UPPAbaby!

Baby Trend

Baby Trend has a purchased the molds for the popular TrueFit convertible seats (formerly manufactured by TOMY/First Years) and will revive them as the new PROtect convertible carseat, improved with a 40 pound rear-facing weight limit.  They will also bring back the Folding Booster (also formerly by TOMY/First Years) as the Yumi Booster. See our blog with all the details here:

20151017_174308 20151017_174252


Britax B-Covered - ABC 2015Britax didn’t have any new seats at the show, but they have some new accessories available for the B-Safe Infant Seat: the B-Warm and B-Covered. The B-Covered ($29.99) is a UPF-rated sun screen/bug screen, available only in gray. The B-Warm ($49.99) is a heavier, fuzzier cover for cold winter months. The B-Warm is currently available in two fashions, Polar Mist (black) and Arctic Splash (with a splash of color).

Britax B-Warm - ABC 2015 IMG_4898-1

There are also a couple seats going away. The G4.1 Advocate will be phased out by the end of the year. (The Clicktight Advocate will continue to be available.) Also retiring is the Parkway SG. The more popular Parkway SGL (with lower LATCH attachments) will be sticking around.

Limited Edition Frontier CT fashions – Liberty Sapphire, Meadow, and Concord are selling out fast—and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. If you’ve been planning to purchase a Frontier ClickTight in any of these fashions, don’t wait much longer.


New KidFit Zip booster is now available at various retailers including Amazon.

New “Pirvata” fashion for KeyFit, NextFit & KidFit will be available only at specialty retailers.

Chicco ABC 2015 - Mix Match KidFit Zip Chicco ABC 2015 - Mix Match KidFit Zip closeup Chicco ABC 2015 - Pirvata fashion collection


The Capri fashion is available on Foonf, Fllo, and Oobr. On Foonf, it’s available in both black and white shells. Also on all fashions, enhanced padding is added throughout. Harness pads are slightly longer and softer and now attach with snaps.

Clek Foonf Fllo Capri

Big improvement: new lockoffs close ski boot-style. The end of the top lockoff clips over the edge of the bottom lockoff, then the long handle gives extra torque as you close it. Brilliant! Want these new lockoffs for your older seat that has problem lockoffs? Give Clek a call. They’ll put you on their list to get them to you when they’re available.

Clek 2016 lockoff open Clek 2016 lockoff closed

Mifold Grab and Go Booster Preview – Wow!


See the full Mifold Grab and Go Booster Review now posted HERE.

mifold at ABCWe had an opportunity to meet with the inventor of mifold booster, Jon Sumroy, at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo. There has been a lot of buzz about this innovative new product and we were excited to get our first look at it. Thankfully we can report that we were not disappointed and even though this is still in prototype stage, we are very excited and optimistic about the final product!

Based on feedback received on our forums at, they did slightly redesign the original Mifold model for the American market in order to increase the likelihood of earning a Best Bet fit rating from the IIHS.

Mifold - width comparisons Mifold - seat with belt adjuster Mifold - metal in belt guides Mifold - covers

Mifold Specs & Features

  • 40-120 lbs.
  • Recommended 4-12 yrs old
  • 3-position width-adjustable lap belt guides (S-M-L)
  • Mandatory shoulder belt adjuster strap (completely original design—see video below)
  • Weighs about 1.5 lbs.
  • Folded dimensions: about the size of a woman’s clutch purse

The complete Mifold review is now posted here:

ABC Kids Expo 2015 – Graco Extend2Fit Convertible (Shut Up and Take My Money) Preview


Extend-to-Fit front

Update: Please read our Graco Extend2Fit REVIEW

One of the most eagerly anticipated seats at the ABC Kids Expo this year is Graco’s Extend2Fit convertible. What sets this seat apart is an innovative leg rest/seat extender that gives rear-facing children more legroom. Although we know that bent legs don’t pose a safety hazard, and we know that kids tend to be little contortionists, lots of parents worry that their kids look uncomfortable rear-facing and use squished legs as a reason to turn kids forward-facing, often before they should. Graco hopes to combat that worry with the Extend2Fit.

The seat we saw was a prototype so the soft goods and some other aspects might change a bit, but we liked what we saw.

The details:

  • 4-50 lbs. rear-facing
  • 22-65 lbs. and 49″ or less forward-facing
  • Infant insert
  • 10-position harness height, maxing out at 18 inches
  • 6-position recline (3 positions for forward-facing; 3 for rear-facing)
  • 17″ seat depth with panel extended
  • Steel reinforced shell
  • 10-year expiration

We were concerned that the Extend2Fit’s expandable seating area might cause the seat to take up an excessive amount of room in the car, but I don’t think that will be a problem. When we put the seat in the most upright rear-facing position and extended the panel, the seat took up only about 28″. Graco said they’ve done extensive fit-to-vehicle testing and found that in most cases, an average-sized man should be able to sit comfortably in the front seat.

Extend-to-fit smallest size Extend-to-Fit largest size

With a tall shell and a 50-lb rear-facing weight limit, this looks like it will be a great fit for larger rear-facing kids, yet it should still fit newborns well, too. Here’s Romeo modeling:


The seat will be available in three colors, plus there will be retailer-specific fashions. The Extend2Fit should be shipping in November and should hit stores in January. Retail price is expected to be $199.

New Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Preview – Extended Rear-Facing with Extended Legroom!


Update: Please read our Graco Extend2Fit REVIEW

Are you tired of convertible seats that don’t last forever in the rear-facing position?  Sick of products that lack decent legroom for your leggy rear-facing 3-year-old? Frustrated by expensive carseats that don’t even have dual integrated cup holders? Well, your troubles are soon to be over! 

Okay, being serious for a moment – we won’t even lay eyes on this seat for another 2 weeks when it’s unveiled at the ABC Kids Expo but I’m going to go out on a limb (or maybe I should say “on an extension”) and predict that this seat is going to be a walk-off homerun for Graco and for the legions of parents who are passionate about extended rear-facing!

Graco Extend2Fit - stock

Competition? What Competition! You have to see it to believe it!  

This is Graco’s first carseat to be rated to 50 pounds in the rear-facing position. And while 50 lbs. RF might be overkill for a lot of kids, if you are the parent of a mega-sized toddler – this has got to be music to your ears! Plus, we already know how tall the other height-adjustable Graco convertible seats are (Size4me and clones, 4Ever, Milestone, etc.) so if Extend2Fit is a similar height – wow! That is going to be one very long-lasting convertible seat.

But wait, there’s more!

They could have stopped right there and that would have been enough to sway a lot of consumers but they took it to the next level by doing something that no other CR manufacturer has ever done with a convertible seat before. They added a 4-position extension panel that provides up to 5 inches of additional legroom in the rear-facing position! Honestly, if that doesn’t silence the rear-facing critics who can’t seem to get over the horrible injustice of having a RF child sit with his legs bent, or crossed, or propped up – I guess nothing will.

So, how much would you pay for this awesome new carseat?  $1500?  $464.72?  $29?

MSRP will be $199! Which is really good news if you were willing to spend $1500 or $464.72 and kinda bad news if you were only willing to spend $29.

Act now and you get 2 free cupholders!

Well, actually you can’t act now because the seat won’t be available until January 2016. And technically the dual cupholders are integrated into the shell and come with the seat but it sounded good so I had to throw that in there. 😉

Graco Extend2Fit Specs & Features:

  • Rear-facing 4-50 lbs., up to 45″ tall
  • Forward-facing 22-65 lbs., up to 49″
  • 10-position adjustable headrest
  • 6 recline positions (4 for RF; 3 for FF; 1 of the RF reclines can be used FF)
  • 4-position extension panel provides up to 5” of extra legroom
  • Steel reinforced frame
  • Fuss Free harness storage holds the buckles out of the way during loading and unloading
  • Premium push-on LATCH connectors
  • Machine washable cover
  • Dual integrated cup holders
  • 10 year lifespan before expiration

I guess the only thing left to say is…