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Hey, Kid, Did Mom Really Put You in THAT Booster?


It’s sure to be all the rage among child safety advocates and all the panic among parents.  Did you hear?  Your booster may not be recommended!  If it had just been some leading consumer magazine with another sensationalist headline based on faulty test results, we’d be very skeptical.  This time, the report was from the IIHS and UMTRI, two institutions that are very highly respected in the child passenger safety community.

Is your child unsafe?  Should you run out to buy a new booster?  Maybe you should listen to Marvin’s 12 Steps for Safeness plan and avoid boosters altogether?  IS IT TIME TO PANIC?

The Car Seat Poncho Review: I Wish I Had One for Me!


I’ve heard lots of feedback online about the Car Seat Poncho and it’s all been positive, so I wanted to see what all the buzz was really about.  The Car Seat Poncho is a straightforward solution for parents who want to keep their children safely warm in a car seat.  A thick jacket worn under a harness can compress in a crash and leave the harness loose.  A loose harness can mean ejection for the child.  With a product like the Car Seat Poncho, there’s no need for a thick jacket underneath; your child will stay toasty and snug in the harness.


The Never Ending Debate? Carseats vs. Seatbelts.


Not Worth the Cost?  Or is it?Do we really need car seats?The topic of car seats vs. seatbelts surfaces again and again, perhaps for good reason.  It arises in the media and in questions from parents on our forums, too.  Is it really any safer to restrain my 3-year old in a booster or 5-point harness, rather than just a seatbelt?  Do we really need laws to make us restrain our kids with expensive child seats after a year or two?  You’d think the answers would be YES. Or NO. But one way or another, we should have proof, right? Apparently, it’s like asking a dozen different Ph.D. Economists which way the stock market is headed, incorrectly assuming there would be a consensus among such brilliant people.

CPSDarren . . . Our CPS Hero and the Last Day of KIM


Each year, the Kidz in Motion Conference recognizes individuals who dedicate themselves to keeping children safe in vehicles.  This year, our very own CPSDarren was nominated and recognized as a CPS Hero.  Besides being a SafetyBeltSafe USA board member and coordinator of his local Safe Kids (no small feats indeed), we know him best as the founder of, our favorite car seat and vehicle safety question forum where we can hang out and discuss all things car seat.  Please bear with me as I wax nostalgic for a moment.  Back when (as we affectionately know it) started in 2001, we had the occasional question here and there.  I noticed the questions tended toward the technical side rather than the fluff side and there were many more posts by men.  Made me wonder where Darren was advertising the site, lol!  In the past few years, membership has grown phenomenally and we no longer are just about car seats and vehicles (and the vast majority of questions and participants are women!).  We have a strollers forum, an area for swapping items, an off-topic area–the fun and community abounds.  And that’s what we love–the community.

So thanks, Darren, for giving us a community.  Thanks for giving volunteer techs a place to go where they can prove they are every bit as valuable and professional as their paid counterparts.  Thanks for giving us a place to earn our CEUs with interesting chats when our local resources don’t have anything available.  Thanks for giving us an outlet to practice our communication skills.  Thanks for giving parents a place to go to ask questions.  I remember being that parent 8 years ago who had questions and nowhere to go.  Who knows how many thousands of parents have been helped or how many kids’ lives have been changed because of the help they’ve received at

Now, to switch gears back to the last day of KIM.