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Finally! Indubitably the Last ABC Show Blog You’ll See This Year


For Guest Wednesday, our pal Matt is back after months of gentle prodding from his dw Heather.

A True Athlete in My Presence


Since you’ve been introduced to Matt, I thought I’d share something he did two weeks ago that I think is really cool.  No, it’s not car seat related—though if he was able to uninstall the Sunshine Kids Monterey from his SUV without calling me first or install the Britax Frontier using the long belt path, well, that’d be pretty spectacular.  He made two separate bike rides of 103 miles on October 18th and 119 miles on the 25th.

Baby on Board


Please welcome back Heather’s dh, Matt, for Guest Wednesday.

Knowing nothing about the technical aspects of car seats makes it difficult to write a blog entry about the technical aspects of car seats.  So, in thinking about a topic for another entry, I came across an obvious choice.  Cows.  But then something happened that gave me a better idea.  The cow thing will just have to wait.

Acronyms Strike Again


Again we welcome Heather’s dh, Matt, for Guest Wednesday.

As a non-tech person, I am generally confused by the various terminology used on a regular basis by those who are tech people.  But I am trying to learn.  One of these terms is LATCH, which must be really important because it’s in all caps.  I understand the importance of words in all caps. Like me sitting on the couch on the weekend and watching the NFL or the NBA or why don’t the kids go play in the STREET but watch out for CARS and while you’re at it go get the MAIL.