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My wife makes me do lots of stuff.  Very little of it is fun.  It typically involves fixing, cleaning and/or moving things.  Don’t tell her this, but most of the time I just ignore her.   But she gave me a new assignment to make a movie at this website that……let’s you make movies.  That didn’t sound so terrible, so I did.  It’s here:

Fortunately for me, I buy my own shirts.


Alabama and Orbits and Clothes


Matt’s back.  For your enjoyment 😉 .

Heather sends me this link to a story out of Alabama. Alabama mug shot Here is the link: 

Go ahead.  Click on the link and read the story.  I’ll wait.



MattOur guest blogger, Matt, makes another appearance.

So Heather and I were in Costco the other day.  We love Costco.  Costco provides a good, real-world example of orders of magnitude.  You go there with a list, and the number of items that you leave with can often be expressed as follows (where X= the number of items on your list):













Guest Review: Garmin nuvi 750 GPS


Look out, folks.  Matt’s back after a long hiatus with a guest review this time.

So my wife told me that I have to write a review of the GPS thing I got for Christmas.  She has been telling me for a couple of months now to write the review, I think since after the day she gave it to me.  I frankly think she only got it so I’d write a review of it.  I’m not really sure how to write a review, so I read the first paragraph of a review by that guy who thinks he’s a fish.  I didn’t have the attention span to read the whole thing, and the guy does think he’s a fish, so maybe this will be way off base.  But here it goes.