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Ask Marvin #5: A Long, Fishy Rant


Marvin is sincerely saddened by the plight of today’s emailer, who drags Marvin into the sordid world of politics and finance.

“Dear Marvin, I’m a single parent on financial aid and read your blog every Monday at the public library (because I have no telephone or internet).   I lost my job a few years ago because the government made it cheaper and easier for my old company to employ someone in southeast Asia instead.  I now have a few part-time, minimum wage jobs (with no benefits or health care), but still can’t make ends meet.  The most important thing in my life is my baby and I can’t afford to buy her a new carseat.  I’m stuck using a 10 year old hand-me-down and I have no idea whether it’s safe or not:-(  I went to the local police and fire departments, but they didn’t have any free or discounted seats and didn’t know where to send me for one.  Not only that, but neither of them do child seat safety inspections any longer because of their budget cuts.  What should I do? –  Signed, Hopeless Hanna”.

Ask Marvin #4


Today, Marvin receives an inquiry from a disgruntled DD, apparently an unhappy benefactor of Marvin’s advice!


“hi2u mr marvin,  im Jenny and im a 11 year old gurl and dood my mom is like, so mean 2 me u just wont beleive it.  its like so not nice its not even funny.  i mean- i was all telling my friends how lucky they are to have nice moms and they totally think my mom is teh worst!  we so send text messages all the time to each other all the time about my mom and how its so unfair to be me and my life is just awful beacuse of her and you cant even imagine how much worse it just got!

Ask Marvin #3


Today, Marvin, renowned expert on the safest child seats, tackles a tough question from an upset reader.  Marvin is very sympathetic to all of his fans, but sometimes Marvin must emphasize the cold, green truth when it comes to safety.

“Dear Marvin, my daughter, Julia, is 2.5 years old and weighs 33 pounds.  She’s currently rear-facing.  I went to Car-Seat.Org for advice on which combination harness/booster model to get her.  What I got instead was 42 responses in less than an hour, all blasting me for not keeping her rear-facing!  I was so upset I broke out in tears!  Am I really a child abuser if I don’t buy a new $200 convertible seat to keep her RF for another 2 pounds? – Signed, Stumped Sierra.”

Ask Marvin, Part Deux


Marvin is back by popular demand for another Monday edition!  Today, Marvin gives some sagely advice on how to deal with those pesky, unsafe used seats.

Dear Marvin, I found this absolutely dreadful carseat selling on Craigslist.  The fabric was, like, totally 90s, so I know it was expired.  Of course, I immediately sent an email to the seller informing them of how gross (and unsafe!) it was to sell something as hideous as that.  The seller emailed me back telling me to mind my own business!  How rude!  What can I do?  -Signed, Lost in Craigslist.”