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Ask Marvin: Marathon Misprice Madness & Giveaway


Marvin missed you all on Monday.  So, today, Marvin answers one of hundreds of questions pouring in about Target’s recent fiasco with mispriced Marathons.

“Hi Marv.  Did you get one of those $42 Britax Marathons?  Please tell us you did and will be giving some away in a contest!  Can you believe Target cancelled my order? I am so p1$&3D! – Signed, Peeved Pamela”

Ask Marvin #11: Contests, Freebies and Sponsors


Today, Marvin is accused of being a cheapskate.

Dear Marvin.  I’ll get straight to the point.  Your giveaways have not included a single carseat.  Kind of odd for a place called CARSEATblog, isn’t it?  In fact, not a single giveaway above like 30 or 40 bucks at most.  What gives?  I mean, you’ve been at it for a few months now.  You must be rolling in cash from advertisements.  You’ve been begging for big time sponsors and giveaways to the point of being pathetic.  It’s really sad.  I mean, Kecia and Heather are such great writers, but they can pull Darren’s and your weight for only so long.  Carseatblog is good, but it would be a lot better with some BIGTIME giveaways.  Seriously, I see all these other general parenting websites giving away carseats and strollers.  Some are blogs that aren’t even dedicated to these products and don’t get a fraction of the readers that Car-Seat.Org does.  Step up to the plate and SHOW US THE CARSEATS! – Signed, Desperate Dahlia.”

Uncle Marvin Wants YOU!


In Ask Marvin #10, Marvin gave his readers the right to vote for this week’s contest winner.  Today, Marvin has opened his virtual voting booth so that you may decide the winner!  You will need to register to vote!

If you are already registered, please VOTE now!


If you are a registered voter in the United States, Marvin hopes you already voted in the national elections!

Ask Marvin #10


Today, Marvin recycles some content from old blogs with a new twist or two, in response to another real question from a live Blog reader (who gets a rep click for the contribution)!

“Dear Marvin,
I am a 32 year old mom and retired lawyer. My husband just got a promotioned to head of neurosurgery at the hospital and needed a car for his new position. We purchased a BMW M6, with GPS, satellite sound, heated seats, heated mirrors, iris scan security and other safety features. However, the Plunko 510 carseat my cousin’s best friend gave us eight years ago when our oldest son was born does not fit very well in our new car. It still fits great forward-facing in our Mercedes G55 AMG, but we will obviously need a new seat for our 20lb 12-month old in the new car. Can you recommend a seat that will install well in the BMW M6 for our 12-month old? It’s black, with black interior, so we’ll need something that will match…but money is a bit tight right now because we had to buy a new car so I can only afford to spend $50 on a new seat, at most. Perhaps I should look on eBay or Craigslist for an inexpensive used seat instead?