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Thank you, Marvin


Carseatblog’s mascot, Marvin the half moon plakat betta fish, died over the weekend.  As coordinator of all our giveaways, he will be missed.  If we lack the creativity to come up with some other way to do fun giveaways, Marvin’s cousin, Melvin, or another new mascot will be named in the future!  So long, Marvin, and thanks for all the fishyness.

Ask Marvin #13: Marvin Needs Your Vote Again


Dear Marvin,

I used to love the forums at Car-Seat.Org.  No, not the “upstairs” forums where I should be helping answer questions from parents who need advice on keeping their kids safe.  You know, those other forums you get to see once you’ve been a member a while.  The ones where you used to be able to troll to your heart’s content and post stuff just to get a rise out of people.

Now, the evil moderators are taking all the fun out of it.  They’ve banned topics.  They close down any thread the moment there’s a hint of discontent.  They seem to have their fingers on the infraction trigger, ready to fire as soon as anything is reported.  The forums are soooo boring without drama.  How can I make some without being banned?


Gina Blue

Marvin’s Giveaway Corner #4: Moo-ry Christmas!


Marvin, Kecia, Heather and Darren have a special holiday edition contest for you today!  First prize is one Britax Marathon in Cowmooflauge!  Brand new, in box!  There are two consolation prizes today, also!  Marvin will give the second and third prize winners a 3-month Benefactor subscription at Car-Seat.Org.  If you already have a Supporter subscription, yours will be upgraded and extended.  If you already have a Benefactor subscription, yours will be extended.  Sponsors are not eligible for the consolation prizes, sorry!

This giveaway will be slightly different than previous ones.  Here’s the fine print-

Marvin’s Giveaway Corner #3: Happy Holidays from CarseatBlog.Com!


Heather, Kecia, Darren and Marvin would like to give something to our readers for the holiday season.  Today’s giveaway is a small Car Seat Poncho in Gadget/Aqua.  It’s neatly enclosed with a couple other miscellaneous goodies in a sporty Chicco tote bag.  All you have to do is leave a comment to have a chance to win!  One winner will be picked at random on Tuesday morning.  You may leave more than one comment, but only the first one will count for the giveaway.  Previous winners are eligible to play, too!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to all!