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Evenflo Symphony Review


The Evenflo Symphony is a new 3-in-1 child safety seat–rear facing, front facing, booster (there is also a newer version called the
Symphony 65
). It has an amazing new LATCH system called “SureLATCH”, the same Infinite Slide harness adjustment system that Evenflo introduced with the Triumph Advance, and boasts that it is “Side Impact Tested”, but does it live up to its “all-in-one” hype?

Fun Fun FUNtainers!


We’ve had a problem for the longest time with beverage containers.  My dd doesn’t drink juice (yay for her!), so the only drink I’ve been able to send with her to school in her lunches is water.  Well, those pull-top lids were impossible for a pre-K/Kindy kid to open so we resorted to a twist top water bottle that we washed and reused.  The only problem was that it leaked.  And bad.  Every month or so the leaking would get so bad that we’d replace the bottle and start over.  It just never occurred to me to look for a permanent “Thermos”, as we used to call them in the good ol’ days, because I figured a) she’d lose it and b) she wouldn’t be able to open it on her own.  I’ve heard about the FUNtainers, but never paid attention to the threads on about them because I figured they were more like sippy cups for the younger crowd.  Then I went to the Thermos area at the ABC Kids Show and actually saw a FUNtainer and practically begged for 2 samples: one for my dd and one for my ds.

Britax Frontier: Does It Impress the Hard to Impress?


Because Darren has already done a much more formal review, my review will be, well, less formal, lol.

I managed to scrounge my way into borrowing a Britax Frontier (now replaced by the Britax Frontier 85, please see our new review here) from my local Safe Kids coalition. Aw, it was actually easier than that: they like me for some reason J and let me borrow seats from time to time, but the seats are usually old or taken from a checkup event. The Frontier was, mmmmm, fresh out of its bag and had that new car seat smell. I’ll tell you straight off—I’m a hard one to impress when it comes to car seats. I’m a skeptic. I’ve had enough to know what I like in a seat, what I don’t like in a seat, and what will work in my ’05 Sienna. Do I like the Frontier or not?  Read on and find out.

Safe harness adjustment as easy as a click – Britax Boulevard CS Review



The Boulevard CS (now replaced by the Britax Boulevard 70 CS, please see our review of the similar Advocate 70 here) is the latest convertible seat from Britax and touts “True Side Impact Protection” along with the new “Click & Safe” feature. This new innovation gives a loud click and tactile feedback when the caregiver has adjusted the harness strap system correctly. This model can be used rear-facing for children 5 to 35 pounds, and front-facing for children above 1 year old and from 20 to 65 pounds. The maximum standing height limit is 49 inches. On their website, Britax lists seated shoulder height limits of 10.5″ to 16″ while rear-facing and 12″-16″ front-facing. While similar to the Britax Marathon, the Boulevard CS also adds the innovative harness height adjustment system found in the standard Boulevard and Diplomat models. This allows parents to change the harness height to fit their child using a knob, even without removing the seat from the vehicle.  I reviewed a pre-production model a while back, but was very excited to see a box of a production model in my foyer when I returned from a recent vacation!