2018 Graco Extend2Fit Review (Canada)

Editor’s Note: For readers in the USA, click here for our full review.  The Extend2Fit is a 2018 CarseatBlog Editors’ Pick from our Recommended Carseats list.

I think the first words out of my mouth were, “Whoa.  This has serious potential for a new favorite seat!”

I had just unboxed the Graco Extend2Fit, a convertible carseat option that looks sharp, installs easily, and has the coolest extendable tray to give a bit of extra leg room to those bigger rear-facing kids traveling in the back of our Canadian cars.  It also has dual cup holders, a 22.5 kg (50lb!) rear-facing weight limit, and a no-rethread harness.  Oh, did I mention the six recline positions?

Here’s the need to know info:

Weight and Height Limits

  • Rear-Facing: 1.8-22.5 kg (4-50 lb), 46-125 cm (18-49 in).  Child’s head must be 2.5cm (1″) below the headrest adjustment lever.  Harness straps should be at or just below the child’s shoulders.
  • Forward-Facing: 10-30 kg (22-65 lb), 69-125 cm (27-49 in).  Child’s ears must be below the top of the headrest.  Harness straps should be at or just above the child’s shoulders.

Features / Advantages:

  • 22.5 kg (50 lb.) rear-facing weight limit
  • 4 position extender tray for adding extra rear-facing leg room  (Note that position 1 is with the tray retracted.)
  • Dual cup holders (Required!  These came separately in the box and must be installed by snapping into place)
  • Push-on style UAS anchors that store nicely along the sides of the seat
  • 10-position headrest with no re-thread harness
  • Two crotch buckle positions
  • Ball level indicator for checking the rear-facing and newborn recline
  • Six positions of buttery smooth recline.  I’m talking hold-that-carseat-steady-as-you-go because if you squeeze the recline handle it will lean back into the most reclined position VERY easily!
  • Buckle storage pockets on each side of the seat – no digging for the buckles!
  • Easy height adjustment with a no-rethread harness
  • 10 year expiration
  • MSRP of $349.99 CAD



I found installation of this carseat among the easiest I’ve done.  I went straight for a seatbelt install first as that’s what I use personally most of the time, but did install with UAS after taking photos and found it equally easy.