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2017 RideSafer Travel Vest Review with Delighter Booster: A Dynamic Duo

Safe Traffic System RideSafer Delight Travel Vest Review with Delighter Booster

The RideSafer Delight Vest and Delighter Booster are the two newest products from Safe Traffic System, Inc. The Delight Vest is the latest in the line that previously included the RideSafer Travel Vest, and is an alternative to a traditional harness or booster car seat that’s excellent for travel, carpool, and other situations where a traditional car seat might be difficult or impossible to use. The Delighter booster is a lightweight backless booster designed with travel in mind that can be used with or without the Delight or previous versions of the RideSafer Travel Vest. They can be purchased at Amazon or Safe Ride 4 Kids.


Sizes and Specs:

Delight Vest size Small is for children who are

  • At least 3 years of age
  • 30-60 lbs.
  • 34”-52” tall
  • Chest diameter 21.2”-28.3”
  • Able to sit with the bottom of the vest touching the thighs

Delight Vest size Large if for children who are

  • At least 3 years of age
  • 50-80 lbs.
  • 45”-57” tall
  • Chest diameter 23.2”-38.4”
  • Able to sit with the bottom of the vest touching the thighs

Delighter Booster is for children

  • At least 4 years old*
  • 40-100 lbs.*
  • 40”-57” tall*

*Note: If used with the Delight Vest or other Ride Safer Travel Vest, the Delighter Booster may be used below these minimums, starting at the minimums of the vest instead.

RideSafer Delight Vest Features:

  • FMVSS 213 certified
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Comes with travel and storage backpack bag for vest and removeable headrest, and additional small bag for tether and included crotch strap
  • Adjustable back allows about 3” of height adjustments
  • Can be used with 3-point lap and shoulder seatbelt with or without tether
  • Can be used with lap-only belt with tether strap (sold with vest as option or available separately)
  • New, multi-step buckle for lightweight security and ease of caregiver use
  • Lifespan of 10 years from date of manufacture
  • MSRP $145.00 without tether strap, $159.00 with tether strap

When might you use the Delight Vest?

This vest is ideal for travel—it even comes with its own backpack style bag so your child can carry it herself!

KIM 2010 Updates and News, Part 2


Hey there!  This is Anne (ketchupqueen) again, concluding the news and updates that we were given at the 2010 Kidz In Motion Conference in Ft. Worth, TX.  (You can see Part 1 here.)  Thanks again to Christa (celtic1885) for her help with pictures, fact-checking, and everything else!

Evenflo shared some upcoming updates with us during the manufacturers’ panel.  Evenflo also has 30+ CPSTs on staff, did you know that?  They are in marketing, engineering, quality control, sales, and Parent Link departments.  They did confirm a few things we already knew, but I thought bore repeating in case anyone hasn’t heard- tether extenders are available for all their seats.  LATCH in booster mode is allowed in all of their seats so equipped (3 in 1, combination seats) as long as it does not interfere with proper fit or positioning (for instance, you may not use offset LATCH in booster mode as it would interfere with proper positioning of the belt.)

Evenflo also shared some changes they have made recently or are making.  They are adding color-coding to stickers for greater ease of installation, and as of seats shipping this December, all labels on each seat will have model name and expiration clearly marked, according to Dave Sanders, CPST and engineer who was speaking to us.  All booster weight minimums have now been increased to 40 lbs., and they will not be selling boosters with a weight limit lower than 40 lbs. in the future.  They have updated the fairly-new Maestro so it can be 5 degrees more reclined.  The Embrace handle is being redesigned; the Z-shape will no longer be on the Embrace, it will be shaped like the handle on the Serenade that sits closer to the shell of the seat.  While the “handle down, 1.5 inches clearance” rule does still apply at this time, they are “working on” allowing different handle positions (though I’m not quite holding my breath on that one.)  The weight limit on the Embrace may or may not be increased in the future.

KIM 2010 Updates and News, Part 1


Howdy, all y’all!  Greetings from Dallas/Ft. Worth TX, where I have been attending the 2010 Kidz in Motion Conference, or KIM, an annual gathering focused entirely on Child Passenger Safety (yes, I know some other conferences prefer another acronym; here at KIM, we’re still saying CPS.)  I’m Anne, also known as ketchupqueen on the forums.  Since Darren, Kecia, and Heather were unable to attend KIM this year, I’ve been asked to share the scoop- updates and information from manufacturers we got at this year’s conference.  My friend Christa (celtic1885 on the boards) has been helping me collect, record, and organize the news as we get it so that we can share it all with you!

KIM is a small conference by national conference standards, which means that all the participants and presenters get an opportunity to sit down together, get to know each other, and really talk.  I’ve met up with people I know and people I know of, heroes in the CPS community, CPS “celebrities” and other techs just like me (some of whom were just as star-struck when sitting next to manufacturer representatives at lunch- it’s quite a shock the first time Sarah Tilton of Britax fame brings her plate over next to where you are sitting and asks, “Mind if I sit here?”)

The small, intimate nature also means we got to ply the manufacturers with all the questions we wanted to during floor exhibits and clarify new information.  We have some interesting updates and news, so, without further ado, let’s get to it!