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What happens in Vegas… (New Products from ABC Kids Expo)


A quick blog with photos of the upcoming Clek Oobr and Britax Advocate.  This should quell some anticipation before Heather or I can write more about the ABC Kids Expo!  Both of these should be available by the end of this year or in early 2009.  Not much else to report from the wine and cheese media reception for new products that Heather and I attended tonight.  Only the Oobr was on display; almost everything else was in other baby product categores.  We will hopefully have more to report tomorrow!  So, without further ado:



Welcome to my niece, Britanny, a writer/reporter and also Wednesday’s guest blogger:

Hello, my name is Brittany, and I am a distracted driver. I like looking at the pretty colors in the leaves of the trees while driving down a scenic highway where a deer could jump out at any moment. I like singing the lyrics to my favorite song with the music too loud while an ambulance pulls up behind me with its lights on. I like holding conversations with my passengers, using my hands to gesture instead of holding the wheel. I am guilty of liking all of these things, but I will tell you one thing I am not guilty of, DWTM.

DWTM (driving while text messaging) is the newest craze. It has swept the nation faster than you can say “lol”. Girls who once chatted with their phones attached to their ears now have their eyes glued to their keypads as they hurl down the highway at 75 mph. Businessmen (and women) who until recently had to use their laptops for email purposes are typing messages on their Blackberries with one hand, holding coffee with the other, and steering with God-knows-what. Scary, right? You have no idea. I have witnessed the consequences of DWTM and I can tell you, they aren’t pretty.

Ask Marvin


Thank you for all your emails asking for Marvin’s insight on the safest child seats.  A few of you doubted that Marvin has just as much expertise as a leading consumer magazine. So, today, Marvin would like to take a moment to share his expertise by answering some of your questions!

Who’s Better? Who’s Best? The Safest Car Seat Question.


For a long time, Child Passenger Safety Techs were told not to recommend specific seats.  They are all safe and pass federal standards, or so said the official training manual.  Most techs dutifully passed this stale company line along to parents.  Fortunately, that all ended when the NHTSA itself started rating seats a number of years ago.  At last, official proof that all carseats are not created equal!  The original ratings were questionable and almost every seat got 4-stars or 5-stars, so they were not really useful.  Now, the ratings have improved and have a wide variation among models. They don’t always match the experience of technicians and advocates, but they are worth a look.


The big drawback?  They don’t actually do any crash testing or correlate the star rating to a risk of injury.