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Guest Review: On the Road with a Britax Chaperone


In re-entering the infant seat market, Britax has done a nice job with the Chaperone. My 7 month old has been using the Chaperone periodically for the past 6 weeks (don’t worry – he’s not unrestrained the rest of the time – just using his Chicco Key Fit 30) and overall, we both like the seat. Some initial impressions about the seat appeared in an earlier blog entry.  Here’s my thoughts after using it with a “real, live baby.”

My infant was well beyond the height and weight range for the infant insert, so I did not have an opportunity to try it out. My only comment is that I wish Britax put its name on the foam or some other marking so that when it gets separated from the rest of the seat (or my kids find it and start using it as a football), I remember what it is for. It is a pretty ordinary-looking piece of foam.

On to my use of the seat:

The “Safest” Seat? Thoughts on the Britax Boulevard – Review of CS


Today’s guest blog is a review of the Britax Boulevard CS (now replaced by the Britax Boulevard 70 CS, please see our review of the similar Advocate 70 here).  Darren had a full review in a previous blog.

It is one of the most dreaded questions for Child Passenger Safety Technicians and advocates – “What is the best carseat? What carseat should I buy for my child?” The “correct” answer, of course, is that the best carseat is the one that fits your child, your vehicle and your budget and will be used correctly every time. Unfortunately, this is not the answer that most parents want to hear because in many cases, they are either (1) hoping that you will validate that the seat with the prettiest cover is “the best” or (2) looking to you to make the decision for them. (Technicians and regulatory organizations (including recently have started recommending seats for particular features).