Dear Marvin,

I used to love the forums at Car-Seat.Org.  No, not the “upstairs” forums where I should be helping answer questions from parents who need advice on keeping their kids safe.  You know, those other forums you get to see once you’ve been a member a while.  The ones where you used to be able to troll to your heart’s content and post stuff just to get a rise out of people.

Now, the evil moderators are taking all the fun out of it.  They’ve banned topics.  They close down any thread the moment there’s a hint of discontent.  They seem to have their fingers on the infraction trigger, ready to fire as soon as anything is reported.  The forums are soooo boring without drama.  How can I make some without being banned?


Gina Blue

Dear Gina,

The answer is simple.  Post a poll!  Everyone is doing it and you should, too!  Just make sure it’s on a topic you know has been a little heated lately.  The regulars will certainly take the bait and then you can watch the flame fest ensue until the moderators are alerted!  You don’t even have to join the resulting debate, unless it needs a little extra fuel to get the fire started, of course.

It’s great fun, so Marvin will give you an example or two:

Marvin’s Poll About Polls

Marvin’s Poll Against Polls