Dirty Jobs


Let’s face it – if you’re a neat freak or a germaphobe you’re going to have some issues as a Child Passenger Safety Technician.  I think most of us understand that Cheerios, Goldfish crackers and the occasional french fry are par for the course.  And most of us have kids ourselves so we understand the realities of having food in the vehicle. 

Personally, as much as I’d love to have a no-food-in-vehicle rule that’s just not going to happen.  We spend too much time on the road and the kids (and I) need to snack sometimes when we’re on the go.  However, I do make an attempt to keep the carseats relatively clean and the kids aren’t allowed to eat anything really messy in my van.  I also vacuum the crumbs out of the seats every time I go to the car wash.  Still, I’m always surprised at what accumulates underneath the seats when I occasionally need to take them out.  

With that said, I’ll admit to being totally grossed out by some carseats that I have to work with.  You know the ones I’m talking about….  I wonder how the neat freaks and germaphobes among us deal with these situations?  Do they don the rubber gloves?  Full hazmat suits?  Pretend they have to pee really badly and lock themselves in the nearest bathroom for 20 minutes hoping another tech will deal with it in their absence?       

I had this gem recently at a check event.  The picture really doesn’t do justice to the solidified gooey mess that used up half a container of Lysol wipes.   Can you tell what it was that I had to clean? 


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