SafeGuard GO: On Sale!


We’ve just learned of a nice offer on a child restraint we like, the SafeGuard Go Hybrid Booster, featured previously in a review at CarseatBlog.

Our friends at EliteCarSeats.Com are having a special offer on the Go.  It’s already on sale for $50 off its normal price there.  Plus, you can use the promotion coupon code “gobabygo” to get an extra 10% off the Go at checkout!  If you’re looking for a great travel option (I still use mine for day-to-day use!), please visit their product information page about the SafeGuard Go.  There is currently a free shipping offer, too, while supplies last!

EliteCarSeats is a proud sponsor of our Car-Seat.Org forums and we hope to partner with them for some giveaways this year, too.  Please check out their website if you are shopping for baby gear!


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