Read on to find the rest of the answers…


1. Pick the correct time line:

a. Freeway, Roundabout, Laptop, Regent
b. Super Elite, Marathon, Expressway, Monarch
c. Companion, StarRiser/Comfy, Parkway, BodyGuard
d. Galaxy, Cruiser, Husky, Frontier

2. Which Britax booster had a back that was stored inside the base when not in use?  Roadster

3. Which is NOT a Britax cover?

a. Cafe Check (Baby Safe)
b. Citrus
c. Bubbly Fun (PW)
d. Lisa (King)

4. The first Britax seat to have flexible LATCH attachments was:

a. Super Elite
b. Expressway
c. Freeway
d. Galaxy

5. How many seats has Britax made that could be tethered rf? Name them.

10 – Elite, Handle With Care, RA, Advantage, Galaxy, MA, Wizard, BV, DC, Diplomat (I’m not counting the Advocate because it’s not available yet)

6. The first Britax higher-weight harness seat was:

a. Super Elite
b. Marathon
c. Traveller Plus
d. Wizard

7. How many seats (sold in the US) has Britax made with Rigid LATCH attachments?  Name them.  2 – Expressway ISOFIX, Baby Safe

8. Which seat had a rf weight limit of 32 lbs?  

a. original RA
b. Baby Safe
c. Advantage
d. Elite

9. Which auto manufacturer currently sells Britax seats under their brand name?  Mercedes-Benz

10. The first Britax seat to have HUGS was:

a. King
b. Marathon
c. Expressway
d. Freeway

11. Which of these seats came in more than 1 fabric choice?

a. Baby Safe – Cafe Check
b. Expressway ISOFIX – Stormy
c. Advantage – Marina
d. Galaxy (cover options were Alexandria or Thunder – aka ugly and uglier)

12. Which was a prototype that never made it to the market?

a. Handle With Care with base
b. Roundabout with 6-point harness
c. StarRiser/Comfy with anti-submarine strap  ( I preordered one from BabyCatalog and waited months but it never materialized)
d. Wizard with anti-rebound bar

13. A unique feature of the Britax King is:

a. Double hook tether
b. 6-point harness
c. Hinged shell (the whole shell separated which made it very easy to route the seatbelt)
d. Higher-weight harness

14. The difference between the Freeway and the Freway Plus was:

a. tether strap – the original Freeway model (1996) did not come with a tether strap.
b. lock-off
c. rf weight limit
d. LATCH attachments

15. The first version of the Super Elite did NOT have:

a. recline bar
c. splitter plate 
d. all of the above

16. Which was never a cover for the RA?

a. Fiesta  (BodyGuard cover)
b. Flower Power
c. Patches 
d. Sandstone 

17. The prototype Companion was named:

d. None of the above

18. How many harnessed seats has Britax made that were ff only? Name them. 9 – Freeway, Expressway, Expressway ISOFIX, King, Traveller Plus, Super Elite, Husky, Regent, Frontier 

19. The first Britax booster to be rated to 100 lbs was:

a. Roadster
b. Monarch
c. BodyGuard
d. Cruiser

20. Which Britax convertible had a “super recline mode” for rf?

a. Handle With Care
b. Wizard
c. Galaxy
d. Elite

Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer. 

What your SCORE says about you:

0-45 points: You’re a novice but there’s still hope.  Vow to learn more Britax trivia in 2009!  

50-65 points: Not bad but make a resolution to brush up on your Britax trivia in 2009!

70-85 points: Pretty darn good! Pat yourself on the back!

90-100 points: You know more about Britax seats than the people who run Britax.  Resolve to get a life in 2009!

Drinking is still an option!